Jun 29, 2009

another finish............

but I swear it is the last one unless I want to make some as gifts. I will make that qualifying statement. 5 Tag Along Totes for me should be enough, LOL.

I had been eyeing some of this purple fabric on the shelf for some time. I had used it on a donation quilt from abandoned blocks some time ago and had plenty of it. Well, yesterday afternoon I cut into it when I thought I found some compatible fabric in the stash. The green bits are the backing on my bargello quilt and I used more for an inner pocket. The lavender (lilac?) small print was in my 30's repro's batch.

Initially I thought that the large print would be the purse cover but at the last minute I changed my mind---like, right after I quilted the body of the purse and made the angled cut from it to form the pocket liner. I cut a few different pieces for binding and straps and off I went. Most of it was done by bedtime last night. I just had to finish putting in the zipper placket, attach the straps and the edge finish.

Pam uses an elastic band sewn to the cover of the wallet and I DID try that on one of mine. The subsequent one I sewed to the wrong side---scrap that idea. I found some buttons from my stash that went with the last two anyway and this is a good place to use them. I sewed it on "backwards" on the purple WW because I like the color best from this side

I was asked by a commenter about the pattern source when I posted #4 Tag Along Tote. I was negligent in not reposting the links, I'm sorry about that but the commenter is also on "no-reply blogger status" so I could not answer them directly. Atkinson Designs Tag Along Tote and Lazy Girl Designs Wonder Wallet will get you to the pattern sites.

While I am still on this subject:
About two weeks ago I was at the local Dollar General getting some grocery items. The clerk asked me what I was making and at first, I was a little puzzled till it occured to me she wondered what I was doing with the food items on my list. I explained my odd look to her question by relating that I had been sewing like crazy lately and the purse and wallet I was using that day were some of my creations. The two women behind me in line naturally heard all this and I got "how much would you charge for one of those?" and "I'd like to have something like that for my (fill-in-the-blank). HUH???? For the 2nd time in two minutes I was startled. But my response was something to the effect of " I donate quilts to kids but I don't do things to sell". What I really meant was "lady, you wouldn't want to pay for my time, let alone materials".

As I continued on to my next stop, I thought about what I had already put into my project ---about a total of a yard of fabric at up to 10 bucks, batting scraps, zipper about 2 bucks, thread. It takes me the better part of a day to sew it up. Oh, don't even go there!! Later when I got home I saw that the patterns are copyright protected. I would not have allowed to make either of them for re-sale in the first place. NOT that I wanted to. Some will allow you to make up to a certain number but that is not what was on the pattern jacket. So if I am asked again, I have the ready answer-- I can't and I won't but I can tell you where to find the patterns so you can make your own. Bet you anything they wouldn't want one near as bad!

So what is next? Well, I have some friendship blocks to work on for the Fab Retreat but I think I will wait on that till I get back from a weekend trip to IL. Most of my family will be "home" for Christmas in July though DJ is not going with me. I am driving up to TN to my brother's home and then on up to IL with him, his daughter and foster daughter. Departure plans are a little up in the air right now so I need to pack for 5-6 days. I did 4 loads of laundry this morning so could start packing that suitcase.

Today's goal is to cut out my version of "Strip Twist" The pattern is from G. E. Quilt Designs and I bought it and the fabrics from Connecting Threads as a kit. (See below) This is the project we chose for the FAB retreat--well, to be honest, I don't know if we chose, or I chose. They put me in charge of that and the friendship block part but 3 of us signed off on it so that's a quorum if there are 5, right? Since I am mailing my clothes and such onto Pam's house ahead of the trip, I want to pack up my kit with that stuff. (I plan to travel light with one carry on since I have two connecting flights to get to her place)

I don't think I am going to do my version like she shows in the pattern though I admit the piecing idea is rather clever. I want all the light parts the same and the centers a uniform color so I got a little extra yardage for the quilt. However many blocks I can squeeze out is how big the quilt will be. I love this fabric line--kind of a fall thing going with plaids, dandelion seeds, falling leaves, leaf strips, circles and fronds, acorns and leaves and wind and leaves. Should be fun however I make it as I will be sewing with my buds.

Tomorrow one of the Belles is riding up to Boaz with me to deliver the commissioned t-shirt tops and Lois has one of her own to take to Susan. I imagine we will go to Mill Street Deli (a reuben is calling my name, LOL--they make a good one!) I also plan to take my Viking in for servicing while we are up that way.

So a bit of running around and being out of pocket is coming up for me. I doubt I will post again till after my trip. Let me wish my US readers a safe 4th of July and the Canadian ones, a happy Canada Day! Anyone else, have a great day in whatever you chose to do..........


  1. Tag Along Tote's are very nice Linda.
    Have a good time with family ...looking forward to our weekend together in Aug.
    I am in Sask. on a vacation

  2. Wowza! You are on a roll with the TAT's and WW's...that's awesome :)

    and two t-shirts quilt tops ready to go to the LA-er! double wowza!

  3. TAT and WW look great! I need to get started on my FAB blocks and pull stuff for Strip Twist...I'm using Mama's Collection 2, also from Connecting Threads!



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