Jun 27, 2009

Happy Dancin'

Woohoo! I am done with the 2nd t-shirt quilt. Happy, happy dancing --appropriate since Snoopy shows up in two blocks. I am done two days ahead of the "schedule" I had set for myself. Even better!

The replacement fabric arrived on Thursday around noon. I had to have something to keep me busy that morning so I cut out another Tag Along Tote and a matching Wonder Wallet out of neat pink print (actually it will match my hot iron cover, LOL.) I got that project moved a long a little further but then set it aside to cut out the sashing bits for the quilt. I pieced the three blocks that combined smaller sections into one larger block on Thursday evening but the plan was to hit the ground running on the piecing on Friday.

So here it is Saturday--- all I had left to do is join the two halves of the quilt and apply the top and bottom borders. The top border proved to be a little problematic but you make them fit by hook or by crook, right? All my snapped horizontal measurements were right on the money and so was the size of the border so it had to work---and it is fine. Huge sigh of relief there.

The red gingham you see around two blocks is part of a dress top while the blue around the block in between is part of a little pair of pants that might have gone with the cheerleader outfit with the big R. The embroidered bits are from two pillow cases while the third piece says "Be My Valentine" was the pinafore section of the dress with the gingham. There is also a pocket of a scrub top by the R. Two shirts were duplicates of her sister's though one is a different colorway. Her picture is printed (as was her sister's too) on a sweatshirt though I cropped one a little closer than the other. No other frames and shadows on this one either and a darker background than what I would normally have used but it works. Susan didn't have the blocks in front of her when she pulled the fabric off her shelves so I think she did well.

Well, timer going off in the kitchen so that means lunch is ready-----I'm going to finish up the tote after lunch. Just needs the zipper placket, straps attached and edge binding. Piece of cake!


  1. I can feel your excitement at having these two projects done, complete, and out of the way! I am doing a Snoopy Happy Dance here in your honour! Now on to some fun stuff for you!

  2. Congrats on the 2 t-shirt finishes!
    They both look awesome!


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