Jun 11, 2009

two finishes

Two Tag Along Totes finished up today. I did a few things differently on the 2nd go round shown on the left in that the straps are sewn inside and I put in a zipper and used the contrast color for the binding at the top as well.

The 1st one I made featuring the bright cat fabrics (which I was reminded were a gift from my pal Cher--how could that have slipped my mind?) was made pretty much according to the directions. The only change I made was to slip a small loop of bright lime green rattail into the binding and attach a button so it would close the contents off a bit.

I am going to cut out another one. Round 2 has an autumnal feel to the fabric colors and I have a small bit of beach ball novelty fabric that might work up well for a more summery feel. But first, I'll make a matching Wonder Wallet from TAT #2 fabrics. Haven't tried that pattern yet but have had it in my collection for a while.

Having fun-------


  1. Very nice bags, Linda! Now that you and Pam have practiced on all these bags, you can lead me in making mine.

  2. you moved right along!! I finished my WW for TAT#1...then paid bills, watch baseball, helped Mandy figure out her webcam...you know...typical stuff at my house....



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