Jun 22, 2009

Monday meeting

I cannot get used to the quilt group meeting on Monday! This is only a temporary thing for the months of June and July while the church allows the Fellowship Hall to be used by the ARC camp Tuesday through Friday. I will be messed up all week on what day it is, LOL. There were just a few of us there as well so no doubt I am not the only one with the Tuesday mind set.

I brought my machine along today and got the 1st of two commissioned quilts finished up. I had left off yesterday with the center seam to join the two vertical halves and the top and bottom borders to apply. After lunch I got the binding put on my Cheese and Cracker top so it will be ready for hand finishing at my leisure. It can be seen HERE

Lois had a few quilt tops to pin---two cool scrappy ones and a planned Square within Square that she pronounced as being "boring to make" and one that took little thought. We suggested that sometimes that is exactly what you might need! I was busy working on the t-shirt quilt so pics of her work will wait till she is ready to turn them in.

Jane has been busy doing some binding finishing as well on 3 donation quilts. This quilt is one that she did the "honors" on. Aline pieced it using the Habitat challenge fabric that the Belles used last year. She quilted it as well. The pattern is Ami Simms' Twisted Sister. DJ got pressed into quilt holder duties when I got home as I was bound and determined to get my quilt stuff finished before I went home.

I had a couple of errands to run while I was on my way home. The bank time and temp marquees read 91-92 degrees at about 3-3:30 p.m.--- I believe it! Scorching hot out there when the heat index is factored in.

And here is Skyler. Actually he is about in the same spot where he was when I left this morning, LOL. DJ said that he was pretty much sacked out while I was gone though in a different locale(s). He reported that Skyler would raise up his head when he heard something, apparently thinking I might be home. When I didn't materialize he was right back to cat napping. Since he was playing under the sheet this morning, I didn't get the bed made. The game resumed when I got home, running and wanting to play.

What's next? Tomorrow I will be moving onto the 2nd commissioned quilt as I have a goal to have it complete by mid or late next week if possible. I have not really even looked in the container of clothing to see what I have to work with though I had DJ haul it out of the bedroom and into the sewing room once I cleaned up my sewing mess from her sister's top. I will deliver both tops to the long arm gal and probably take my Viking in for servicing when I make the trip. The people who do that are about 8 miles north of the quilt shop. Both are a good 50-60 miles north of here---definitely combine the errands!

That's about it for this note---hope you have had a good day and thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love the look of the t-shirt quilt!

    Yikes! Those temperatures spell, hot!!!

  2. Your t-shirt quilt is looking good! You make the best t-shirt quilts I've ever seen :)

    Can hardly wait for the donation quilts show and tell.

  3. terrific job on sticking with finishing that first t shirt top!
    it looks great.


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