Jun 6, 2009

Saturday check-in

I have been busy working on something for a friend who reads my blog so cannot show the output of those endeavors so I am afraid that there may not be much quilt-y content for this check-in post. Shown in Skyler "helping" me sew binding. Fortunately I only had one more seam to go when he jumped on the pile. I think he is at loose ends this morning and none of his toys are interesting him.

Binding, ugh! Boring but necessary to complete the job, right? I don't mind seaming it as much as the pressing part. The pink is for my Cheese and Cracker qilt shown in my last post. There is also 2 colors of blue here for the donation quilts from Joy. I took a better look at things and discovered that there are three tops to pin and three to be bound. I got lucky and had some binding already prepped that will work for one of them. I will press this mound of "spaghetti"after lunch and tackle binding those Wrap 'Em quilts to get them moved along. The group meets next week so no doubt there will be a few volunteers for the hand finishing part.

About the only other quilty thing I have done in the past week is a bit more on my Santa redwork block yesterday. I did prep the fabric base for the next "Be Attitudes" block, be respectful with a Father's Day theme. The motifs are all fused down and ready for machine applique. I was holding off on that part till I swapped out machines---need Eric the Red (my Viking 500) for the binding part anyway.

Here is what is next on the agenda-- those memory quilts I mentioned in my previous post. The bottom container in particular is taking up a big chunk of my space in the bedroom to the point where I have to stack my clothes hamper atop the whole mess. Surely the mama who saved her daughters' clothes for these quilts threw a few things out along the way but who knows what exactly awaits me? Guess I will find out soon enough and come up with a plan.

It has been a fairly quiet week. DJ is still trying to work the former kudzu patch to put in grass seed. It was quite hot early in the week so that old red dirt compacts and is hard to break up. It has been cloudy and a bit cooler with a small bit of rain the last two days so he was able to advance his efforts. Muddy but easier to plant. The poor guy can hardly keep up with the mowing though. My hosta plant is blooming with small purple flowers and the gardenia is beginning to flower. The angel's trumpets are out which means the tiger lilies and the Rose of Sharon bush will be coming out next. We have seen a baby rabbit hopping around outside on several occasions but no further appearance of the pair of geese and their 5 goslings that were running along the back part of the lot. Isn't nature grand?

Guess that's it for this post----hope you are having a wonderful weekend at your home.

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