Jun 10, 2009

WIP Weds....... edition whatever, LOL

In my last post I was grumbling about binding. Guess what is on tap for today---at least a little bit of it? Yep, no escaping it!

A couple of the FABS and I were thinking about making a Tag Along Tote designed by Terry Atkinson. I decided to dive right in today, try it and sort of "troubleshoot" the pattern for the group. Terry's pattern are usually well thought out and straight forward but inevitably there will be a little part that takes some re-reading to get it straight in your head, particularly if you are a visual, hands-on learner like me. It helps if one of us has had a little experience or can answer any questions someone may have if there is a stumbling block.

I had been given some really cute cat fabric fat quarters recently and I thought that these would be a good choice since the pattern calls for three fats. BUT take a look at the picture below----my cats are all sideways and resting on the job!

Every last piece in the group is a directional print so it looks like you could use those BUT if you want your motifs upright, cut your 21 inches vertically by the stated width. Since I didn't actually know what way this would end up being turned in the end, I didn't know. Actually my lining is a nice turquoise cat print and was supposed to be included in the small outside pocket as well. I would have done so if I had enough fabric for them to be upright. Lime green substitution instead! IIWII, LOL. I wanted something small to haul on the walking trail so I could keep my cell phone and ID on my person rather then stowing my big purse in the car. Sideways cats or not, it will work for that.

I used Terry's tutorial for adding a bonus pocket to the interior found on her blog HERE. No problems there but I wish I had made the pen pocket just a bit wider and also moved the whole thing down a little bit---maybe an inch from what I now know is the eventual side seam. I had centered it on the section.

My only other suggestion is that since most of the bag, other than pocket and strap sewing, will involve sewing on quilted fabric, use your walking foot if you are not fortunate enough to have a dual feed built into your machine.

All that remains to be done is to finish the binding at the top and sew down the straps. I will cut out another one so I can sew with the others. Maybe just make one in all one color to use up some yardage but I want a zipper on the next one. I think it will work just fine for some upcoming trips, one involving airplanes, if I do that. Pink or purple?? More cats?? Something I have been saving for who knows what? HMMMMM


  1. great job on the Tag-a-long! Thanks for troubleshooting :)

  2. Very rare to find a cat who is not sideways
    and who is not resting on the job.
    Mine is currently doing both.


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