Jun 14, 2009

more tag alongs

Well, first a mini-repeat. I did make a Wonder Wallet from some of the leftovers from the tag along tote project. The cover fabric and pocket 2 of the WW was the same fabric I used for the pockets of the bag while pocket 4 of the wallet was the fabric for the bag lining. All of the fabrics are an old Ro Gregg print fat quarter pack I had on hand---properly antiqued. While I love the colors, it looks more fall like to me but a more neutral color palette in comparison to the now 2 other bags I have made. Oh, Pam suggested sewing in a band of elastic as a closer instead of a velcro tab plus lining all the pockets with interfacing on half of the cover and the pockets---gives it a bit more body.

In contrast, here is the summery version using a novelty print in fun bright colors. I just finished this TAT and WW yesterday evening. I had a slight detour Friday evening when I discovered that I cut the wrong end off the quilted up section and shorted myself about 2 inches of the focus cover fabric and had to start all over and quilt up another piece. Fortunately I had purchased a yard of the beach ball fabric and used something else for the lining. Live and learn, huh? The blue from the pocket is a leftover from the FAB "Summer in Winter" challenge placemats that I made for Norma. The green dot is from my stash as well---wish I had more of it as it is a nice clear green!

I did a little something different with the straps on the bag this time, other than reversing the color order of the focus fabric and the accent. (I miscut the angled cuts and that's how part happened) They are good bit shorter and like the fall colored one, sew in to the bag exterior before binding rather than tied on after binding. Because they got a good bit shorter I did not make a knot at the center to corral the straps. Instead I sewed the straps together at the center and then covered them with encased fabric strap "thing" like you might find on your luggage or my Janome Jem carrying case, LOL. What the heck is that thing called anyway?? I also put a zipper in this one. I like how it is recessed down a bit though I did make the zipper flaps the same color as the top binding. Terry calls for that band to be the same color as the bag but I like the zip of the same color as the pocket binding myself. Make it your own, right??

I keep eyeing two other pieces of yardage in my stash a possible bags but alas, I must move on. I really intended to applique the "Be Respectful" block a week ago till I got off on this tangent. That won't take long to get the quiltlet appliqued and quilted---binding can wait for handwork in the evening etc. I seriously need to get started on those memory quilts. Sewing time will be shortened with a trip to IL over 4th of July weekend and my long planned trip to OR is only 51 days away. Both trips will be here before I know it! I want those giant bins out of here and spending money for the trip. Fabric Depot is calling all the FABS though I don't need a thing.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend where you are----


  1. LJ your summery TAT is PERFECT for your trip to OR..beach themed!!! whoo hoo!!! Is this the one you will be using on the plane or will you still be using the CATTAT? I am thinking the beach TAT would be a better choice for traveling with the zipper installed. And a WW to boot! you really moved your booty !! Good job!

    51 days?? Man, I best be getting the guest room ready...or at the very least shovel stuff around so there is a path to the bed...your DT2OR will be here before we know it!


  2. I love the summer-themed TAT! Obviously this is a pattern that we will use over and over again as this is your third version. LOL

    Yes, 51 days will have gone by before we know it and we will all be together physcially in the same place at the same time. Exciting days ahead!

  3. How awesome is the beach ball fabric! and stash too! great use in the TAT and WW! All your TAT's look great :)

  4. less than 51 days...I too need to do a lot of shoveling out around here!
    wonderful little bag and WW- how fun to find something you have obviously fallen in love making!

  5. What a neat bag, I like the way you personalized it just for you. 51 days!! How fun to look forward to this.


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