Mar 4, 2012

better late than never?

Last week was a pretty busy week---some sewing, some home matters, this and that.  You know,  life intervenes?  Bama Belles met on Tuesday and I just never got around to posting the pictures I had taken. I'll do that now


This is the center section of a Block of the Month quilt that they are doing at the Lick Skillet Guild.  (Lick Skillet is what Oxford, Alabama used to be called)   Our little group shares several members with that Monday evening guild.  Brenda is hiding behind this.

...........................and this is one of the blocks that will go around it.

Beverly was working on the binding for a young grand baby.  At first I thought it was one of two she had made for twin daughters of friends of the family, a commissioned work but she said that those had been delivered for the mama to take to the quilter.  Beverly arranged the colors in "Snuggle Up" fashion but sashed around them.  Very pretty.

Rosa was working on her hand quilting.  She is left handed so it was a little hard for me to show her how I do it unless we sat across the table from each other.

Bev was also working on binding for this 12 Days of Christmas from a dog's perspective wall hanging.  She had the cutest dog holiday themed fabric on the back of it too.  I don't know how well you can see the section with the dog days of Christmas but it is pretty funny.

Here is what was keeping Teresa and I busy.  The pattern is "Desert Mirage" from Fons and Porter's Quick Quilts From The Heart.   Those strips finish at 1 inch wide and this is Teresa's first quilt.  She has been working on it for about 1 1/2 years so that is one girl who is beyond ready for a reward project!!   We had to trim the long strips down as she had not done that when assembling the quilt and it needed to be squared up.   She and her husband love the SW colors and themes so it will be a pretty quilt for their bed.  I do not show the whole quilt,  of course.  We were still squaring it up in this shot.  She also had a small personal project that we pinned before we left.

This is a whole cloth quilt that Jane had quilted for the kids

Same with this one.  Her mom had pieced the top from fabric samples.

Lastly, my disappearing 4 patch----all quilted.  Jane had done the binding for me.

I just somehow missed showing what Marilyn was working on but she had some handwork going as well.   Brenda was cutting strips for another project that I cannot wait to see.  Garden Rails, I believe she called it, 5 Rails in florals.  In between we pinned two of my donation tops from last year.  More to add to the top of the armoire at this point, LOL.

We also had a potluck lunch rather than run out for fast food, etc.  Good time with good friends.

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