Mar 31, 2012

Meeting notes

I believe that I might be in the market for a new mouse as things are NOT staying clicked. I just ended up publishing several pics without any text. The worst is editing documents as I am doing on an almost daily basis as the by-laws are hammered out for Friendship Quilters guild. To say it is getting frustrating would be an understatement. Do you suppose that its getting knocked off the desk on an almost daily basis might be responsible, LOL? Poor mouse!  Can you use a wireless one on a desktop?

Well, you didn't stop here to listen to me complain.  You came to see some quilts. right?  We had a few of the regulars missing-- one gal is helping out her family by keeping her great-grand, two were under the weather. We still managed to get some quilts pinned and made some plans for the sew-in date next month while catching up with each other for a few that were unable to come the previous meeting.  Like always, LOL.

I will tell you about the special project Bev and I teamed up on in another post but I got two more Wrap 'Em quilts pinned as well the Row QOV top.  Man, does that thing seem like a giant compared to the normal 40 x 60' ish range!  We now use a foot or two shorter table at the church to do the job too and that one definitely needed a longer table!

First up, Lois leftovers top.  I don't know the name of the pattern but believe it is in a Fons and  Porter magazine.  (Her husband had sent me a picture of their cat Mittens who looks like Skyler's much bigger brother curled up in her scrap box and the magazine was propped open in her work space----looked like their layout and font.)  She said she used the cutaways from the recent Pineapple Blossom binge for some of the HST units.   Love scrap quilts!

Next, we have Beverly's horse quilt top that she made for her brother.  I thought we might pin it but she is taking it to the long armer to do.  She said her DIL told her it was too short but Beverly wanted it more for a lap quilt, something to throw over the legs on those cool evenings.

Jane turned in this String quilt that Aline had made.  I had quilted it in the end of the year pile of quilting and Jane volunteered for binding detail.  I warned her that my pinned WTIL's count is up to 9 now.  If  I get that pile quilted soon, she and Nancy will be set for hand work for awhile!

And this is Marilyn's quilt for a family member----there is a new baby due any minute and I think this goes to the family's addition.

Most of us did a  quick Hobby Lobby run---no one had a seam ripper with them including me.  Can you believe it?   I also needed a long tape measure for another task.  I had been prepared to give a quilting demo but the two gals that could have benefited from that the most were not there---we'll do that another time.    I had brought the machine with the walking foot only and minimal tools. Normally if I am even remotely planning on sewing, I have a basket set up that has every tool, needle, supply, tape measure that I would need.  I need to tote that out to the car on quilting days just in case, I guess.  We need to have those two items on premises for all of us to use, just like the group mat, rulers and rotary cutter.  It is good that we hit the half price sale on those items!  We  grabbed some fast food on the way back and re-joined the one that hadn't gone out.

And there you have it--------

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