Mar 31, 2012

How about a 3rd? special quilt

In a recent post I told you about a quilt I had hurriedly quilted and bound for a very ill young boy named Collin.  My friend Bev had requested the quilt and made a special pillow case to go with it.

When she delivered the items to the home, she could tell that his sister was having a hard time of it and asked Angellyn her favorite colors.  She made another pillow case in zebra, lime green and purple with an attached 3-D flower and left it for her the next day.  It is pictured at left.  Cute huh?  Perfect for a teen-aged girl!

When Bev told me about this, I said we needed to give her a quilt as well, thinking we could use the one shown in THIS POST that we all had made blocks for.  Because the quilt was a little wide we would need to bump it up the backing about 6-10 inches.  I suggested a pieced band of strips in the fav colors off center and dividing the fabric width.  The emails were flying.

Well, Bev outdid herself and it became the quilt itself!  She brought some black fabric with yellow, lime green and purple stars for the backing.  I found the purple leopard print at the Hobby Lobby run to use for binding.  She was sick and had to get to the doctors on meeting day but we took it from there.  Got it pinned and ready to go.

I quilted most of it Thursday afternoon and finished up the rest yesterday afternoon and evening.  Bev and I will meet again Sunday at the "Pig"  for the hand off.  She'll finish up the binding and has some plans to put some purple flowers with green stems on the zebra sections.   She and her husband John will get the "glamour shot" before she delivers it to Angellyn.

Collin went to be with the angels early Thursday morning. His struggles of the last 4 years are over.  You can read about it HERE and see pictures of this beautiful boy with red hair.  The visitation is today, funeral on Sunday.  I don't know the family at all but I think anyone can feel sympathy, empathy or whatever at the loss of any child.  They are not supposed to go before the previous generation but do.

And there you have--the rest of the story.  Another special quilt for a special child, a week later.  Please keep the McDaniel family in your prayers.

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