Mar 25, 2012

what a busy week!

When I last posted, I had made the quilt delivery trip down to the Presbyterian Home for Children down in Talledega(AL). The week remained busy.

Wednesday my friend Teresa came by to see if we could figure out what was causing her problems with quilting.  She had made a quilt using one of the quilt patterns from MaryQuilts but which one I could not tell you for sure.  It is for her newly married son and daughter-in-law so she wants it done, sooner than later.  As near as I can tell is that she has some tension issues and the batting was not helping matters any.  I had a package of poly down black (the quilt was black and red) so we will substitute that out and re-pin it on Tuesday.  I also told her that since we were going to re-pin she may want to substitute that all black on the back since it was giving her fits trying to un-quilt that bad lines.

She had also wanted me to show her how to rock in hand quilting.  I was holding some extra quilt hoops I had around here and some #10 quilting needles for her to try so those went on home with her.  LIM, right?  Yeah, I know a drop in the bucket in the scheme of things around here.  I found my missing 4 inch EZ angle ruler that I use when I am making the binding joins but have yet to find what the heck happened to my bias press bar???  Norma and I joke that it ran off to join her long missing scissors.

Somewhere in between I got as far as I could on the March rabbit button up.  The fabric I need to complete the job is on the way, but not here yet.  I am in a holding pattern for it and the Bloom wall hanging piece.   That's okay, as I didn't have a whole lot of time to sew anyway.

Thursday:  it was off to the executive board meeting of the Friendship Quilters guild where I serve as the guild secretary.  Last time we were visiting the budget and this time, the by-laws.  We went through the whole document and most stood but it still took me a whole lot of typing to do that minutes.  (about 7 pages)    and a big chunk of Thursday evening.  Friday, I typed the by-laws with the proposed changes---the first draft of it anyway.  There will be changes.  By then I was ready to NOT see a keyboard for a few days.

And then things changed in a hurry.  I found an email late Friday evening from one of the Belles asking me about a quilt for a very ill young boy that lives in her neighborhood. Did we have any on hand w/frog fabric as there is some connection with that for him, she wondered.  There are no finished quilts on hand at my house since I took them all down to PHFC on Tuesday.  We both wish we had known earlier. Of course, the "perfect" one(s) with frog backing was among the ones I took.

 I DID have one of my quilt tops that we recently pinned that had some frog scraps IN it. Starting at about 6 in the morning yesterday I had about 11 hours in involved with quilting and hand finishing the binding.   DJ was lucky to even get supper last night as I was on a mission! I had about 48-50 inches left to finish this morning on the 2nd long side.   Bev made a frog fabric pillowcase that will go with it.  I met her mid-morning  for the hand off.

At left is the picture of it before I ran off to meet her at the Pig.  Silly DJ held it up with the backing facing the camera and said, "I thought you said this was a frog quilt!"  I asked him to turn it around and then pointed out the 4  matching squares with frogs ON them.

There are the frogs at right.  If you know what you are looking for you might spot them scattered on the top---well more like the bottom half of the quilt anyway.  I am not sure which Belle had included it in the scrap bag challenge or maybe it was Linda C's charm squares at any rate I know I had used 5 inch cut squares to make the quilt.  Bev spotted some that fabric she had in it too.

But this whole thing is NOT about me.  I am just showing you a quilt that I happened to have made and finished.  That is probably the fastest I ever finished a donation quilt.  My first donation quilt finish for 2012, I think???   (Will have to verify that for the tabs I have set up.) The boy is very ill, I could do a little something to help him and I hope that others would do the same.  After talking with Bev after she delivered the quilt, I think we need to give a quilt to the young boy's sister as well.  She is having a hard time and needs a hug.  It has got to be hard when a family member is going through such a long illness with no cure in sight.  Sad.  Say a prayer for young Colin if you would? God will knows what the needs are.

Hopefully this next week will settle down a bit.  I have Bama Belles on Tuesday and the girls have asked me to show them how I approach machine quilting.  I have the very quilt in mind to show them.  

Now, I guess I better head out to the kitchen and scare something up for supper.  I'm considering jambalaya with that leftover smoked turkey sausage from last night's hastily thrown together meal but I bet you anything it turns into option 2 before I get those few steps, LOL.  I love being able to go either way.  

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