Mar 19, 2012

some progress

 This morning shows me prepping carrots.  No, not for eating though I toyed with the idea of making some carrot raisin salad yesterday when I bought a two lb. bag of real carrots, from Georgia even!  These go to the base part of the March Button Up.  I think mine are going to have slightly blunter tips on them as I am having problems with knowing how close to trim/clip or cut fabric out of that area.

I don't needle turn so freezer paper, modified yo yo over templar and fusibles, it is for this girl.

I ended up doing some hand applique on the basket elements and the bunny tail.  I had a nice turned edge for the bias cut basket handle, basket trim and all the eggs shapes so why not.  I won't need to do much button hold applique this time out especially if I ditch the lettering.  Just the nose and carrot tops would require it.
I did prep the nose and ear accents last night but didn't baste them down yet so the bunny still looks a little blah----but he's getting there!

Thanks again to pals Sheila for the basket fabric and Maggie for the bright yellow rick rack that will serve as bunny whiskers!  Hopefully the yard of brown plaid I ordered will show up before too long and I can complete the bottom part.  I see machine quilting on the horizon.   Who knows?  Maybe this WILL be up for Easter after all!

I've got a few errands to run and the laundry is started.  Still a lot of day ahead of me to do bunny ears.  My primary objective this afternoon is to get the trunk of my car emptied out a bit so I can load up the quilts I will be delivering to the Talledega Presbyterian Home for Children.  There is stuff that needs to go to the recycle center in there now and that is easily delivered.

And sew it goes------------

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