Mar 15, 2012

WIP Thursday

In the past few days I have gotten a few things moved along------April Button Up finally has the tulips and leaves basted down for hand applique.  I  must have spaced the stems differently than they show on the pattern jacket as the leaves do not look like theirs at all!  I like it but I guess mine will have its own touches.

I picked up some plastic pellets at  Hobby Lobby on Tuesday, Belles quilting day. ( Once I get to the meeting place it is a heck of a lot closer than from my house.)  My pal Veronica sent me the larger chicken you see below, minus the "innards" for me to stuff.  I was able to re-use the contents of one of long time chicken pin cushions that met its demise.  This bad boy, being so much larger than any of the 4 you see pictured plus the "dead" one I needed more pellets to complete the job.   The two red chickens are cute but are filled with fiber-fil exclusively and tend to topple.  I may do a little surgery on them since I have plenty of pellets left----but not today.

I cut the borders for "Bloom" ----the lighting is not the best in the shot but there you have it, LOL.  One the list to sew----  if not today, tomorrow.

I also did some of the "boring" sewing-----in the 3 B's category.  (backs, borders and binding=boring!)  I seamed the 3 quilt backs for my recently completed QOV's.  I also cut binding but seaming it did not happen yesterday when I had the machine fired up.

 I DID go over to Pell City for the informal work day today.   A couple of the girls who follow me on Facebook from the Friendship Quilters wanted to know if I could show them how to do it.  The Belles and I were playing with this on Tuesday and I was yakking about it on FB.  My attempts on Tuesday with the Belles fell short---fumble fingers and I lent someone else my needle, LOL.  I had offered to lend one of the gals my Fantastic Folded Flower book (by Rebecca Wat) but I would sit down and work through it with them if they wanted to try it.    I'll post that stuff up here on another day or when I more seriously, pick that UFO up again.

Come to find out, Teresa sent me a link with a tutorial for the folded flowers that shows a way to use them for a table runner, rather than the small wall hanging mine may become some day.   Sew WE quilt has a guest tutorial  for the technique---scroll on down to the bottom for the print friendly version.  Actually their graphics are a little easier to see than the books, I thought.

My main objective for the trip was to turn in the QOV tops (Row quilt, Land of Liberty panel and the 76 Bowties)  and the D4P I have completed----yeah, the ones I ran off without on Saturday!  I have decided that I will quilt the row quilt so we cut batting for all three of the tops.  Denise, the gal that I lent my book to will quilt the bowtie medallion as she has a long arm.  The 3rd one is bagged up for whoever quilts it down the line. The president Peggy will put it with the other 16 or 17 waiting for a volunteer.  It will NOT be me.

Next week I'll be back on the road again.  I am taking the large stack of I think, 40 donation quilts down to the Presbyterian  Home for Children in Talledega.  The stack is up over the top of the armoire next to it now and are blocking access to my spring/summer clothes closet.  Seeing as we have been up in the high 70's early 80's this week, I may need my shorts outfits sooner than later, LOL.   I had hoped to run them over there this afternoon after I left Pell City taking the backroads over but it just didn't work out with their schedule.  The coordinator suggested next Tuesday afternoon when some of the kids would be coming to that area for a class.  They would be able to pick out their quilts from the conference room display.  Carla was working there when we have given them quilts in the past so knows best how to handle the distribution.  The church we use sponsors one of the cottages so we want to be sure those kids get one.

Thursday I'll need to go back over to Pell City for an executive board meeting.  Husband not happy but can't help it.  Had I known it was coming this month and not early April, I would have combined trips.

And sew it goes----I have a date with some binding.

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