Mar 12, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Really the design wall looks much the same as in previous photos with two new additions----

  • two leftover bowties from the QOV top.  I make a lot of bowties for pro bono quilts so they will just get plugged into the next one.  
  • I finished the hand embroidery on Two Blonde Mice's "Bloom" pattern last evening but will need to pull some border fabric today.  I am resisting the impulse to order some Mary Engelbreit fabric to complete it.  I have things in my stash that will work.
I knew that the stitchery would work up fairly quickly for a reward project.  That's part of the reason why I chose it---well, that and I was waiting for some fabric to come my way from my mom and a friend for another project.   Friendship Quilters met on Saturday and the gals I rode with wanted to take the Garden Irish Chain class that was planned for the program.  I did not want to start another new project necessarily so elected to work on "Bloom" instead.  All I had left on Sunday was the pitcher squiggle, the bee and the lettering.   There will be some embellishment type stitching for the bee's flight path, etc and some buttons added for embellishment to the pitcher but those will serve as quilting elements.  (Mine will be a wall hanging, not a pillow.)

I have it up on the wall to audition floral fabrics.  At first I thought a pansy print with a lot of rosy flowers and a purple inner border.  BUT the more I look at it,  the more I think it will work for the May Button Up---image borrowed from Joined at the Hip that will be coming up soon enough on my "list"

Then I pulled out a piece of something that I love but it is oh, so pale in comparison.  The threads are clearer, bold colors.  Back in the container.  Next was either a Debbie Mumm or Thimbleberries but again, pale.  I like it but not for this.  I believe I have come to a decision about a bold piece that was a secret pal gift.  I have a cut into fat of the fabric but the stitchery is small enough that I can work around the missing yardage.  Make it work!

Plans are to cut:  March Button Up, borders for the stitchery, binding for 2 of the recently completed QOV's.  If I cut the stuff for the row quilt already, I sure can't find it!  I know it was going to be close on getting enough out for the sashing between the rows and borders. I doubt I had enough of that print in the first place.   Rosa thought she had some of that same print on hand but I think I am going with something that contrasts anyway.What I have lined up to sew in the near term is "boring" sewing----3 quilt backs, 3 quilts worth of binding once it is cut and borders.  

I was in such a hurry to get out the door on Saturday (over slept) and had NOT loaded the car ahead of time. It did not hit me till I was standing in the meeting place parking lot, about 7 miles from home that I had gone off without the 3 QOV tops and the one Jane had finished binding.  There is a distinct possibility that I am going to quilt one of the 3 tops myself but I need to get some batting first.  I would do the row quilt and think I could handle it.  The other two, not so much.  

The guild has subsidized the project in that they had purchased batting and backing.  The backing is gone but the batting is not.  They would re-pay me for anything I bought for backing, I was told.  The quilting volunteers are covered up and/or burnt out from the volume of quilts for the veteran's home.   The prez had a pile all kitted up in the car from the sew-in and looking for someone to quilt them.  I don't know if she got any takers or not.  The coordinator laughed and told Aline and I to "find a quilter" when we asked what to do with the tops.   I still don't know if she was joking or serious, don't know her well enough.  All I know is that I can't afford to have them professionally done if it came to that.   It could be that they just wait and will not be ready when the facility opens.  They have informal work days on Thursday's so I going to run over and play.  Just haven't told DJ that yet, LOL--- prepare to hear the words "again?"

Somewhere along the line I need to decide what I am going to work on at Bama Belles tomorrow and pack the car.  DJ wanted me to give him a hair cut too but that can wait another day.  I don't sleep well too many night to find the clock switch an easy transition.  By the time I finally got back to sleep and awoke to a kitty wanting his treat bite is was almost 0845.  The morning whizzed by since I got up so late, especially since I am doing laundry now too and had to dry the mop atop my head.  

And sew it goes------hope you are having a good day in whatever you chose to do.

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  1. lots going on for you! very good! I'm between projects today. I really like your button up quilt-let. I've been trolling for a basket pattern to make...i might try to modify your pattern to fit into my space! Thanks for sharing!


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