Jun 27, 2012

another meeting wrap

It just occurred to me as I sat down to write this post that I had posted the pictures from our June 12th meeting!  I was caught up in the preparations for my trip and did not have time to share the pictures, etc from our machine quilting sessions or any of  "show and  tell".

I showed how to stitch in the ditch.  Lois showed us how she copies motifs to paper or freezer paper and then machine quilts around them and some great ideas on how to avoid marking your quilt top.   Bev had an attachment for her machine that helps you with the "wax on-wax off" movement of the machine but was unsure how to get the stitch regulator to work.  We had some guests and a good turnout along with a potluck lunch.  Fun, fellowship and sharing----I love this group!

The first 4 pictures are from June 12th

First up, Bev with a tote bag she had made-----

Bev's Improvisational quilt inspired by some Vera Wang king sized pillow cases she found at a yard sale---and she quilted it herself!   She would tell you that she is feeling a little more comfortable using that walking foot now.

Teresa's Jewel Box quilt using some Toy Story novelty fabric and fabrics to go along with it.  I had suggested it as a way to make a quilt using 5 inch (charm) squares at the April sew-in since you can make both 4 patches and hst's using the quick trick methods.  It was later pinned.

Teresa's Desert Mirage---pattern from Fons and Porter Quick Quilts from the Heart.  Those strips finish at one inch and she made it wider to fit their bed.  The book sample was a twin, maybe?  I helped her with trimming it down at a recent meeting and getting the backing prepped.  A friend from Friendship Quilters professionally quilted it for her.  She is currently working on the binding---or about to.

 Up until early Tuesday morning I was not sure that we would even HAVE a meeting but fortunately I was feeling a good bit better with this cold/cough thing I have going on.   I knew from the offset that Bev and Teresa would not be coming due to prior commitments and I thought another was vacationing. (I got the dates wrong. I can't keep track of myself let alone 10 others, LOL).   It ended up feeling  like "old home week" with 4 of our members who have not been able to attend for a while coming.  

Judy brought some books to share for our library---some that had been gifted to her but where not really her choice of technique or subject matter.  She also had 4 tubs of batting cutaways so she and I started patching those together to make usable sections for our donation quilts.  I think we had 6-8 done by the time we left.  I drug some sections of 80-20 home to try the the heat press tape on for another.

Lois had this lovely double Irish Chain to pin

Beverly had picked this quilt up from the long arm quilter recently.  There is a family connection with this quilt and it will go to her daughter.  It is extremely heavy as the inside contains a used nine patch quilt as the batting.  It was completed except for a specialized label that will tell the story of the quilt.  Lois had done up a Sunbonnet girl on her embroidery machine and Beverly will complete it from there.

And this lovely quilt is Aline's round robin from the Thursday evening Piecemakers group in Jacksonville (AL).  Didn't they do a great job on it?  Later this led to a mystery of who had left some purple fabric at the meeting site and do they need it soon.  Gary had the last round of the medallion on this quilt and his wife and our fellow Belle had brought some of the purple selection that might be used for binding.  I think SOME of it goes back to her, LOL.  Meanwhile it is at my house for pick up.

Me?  Well, I had intended to work on binding one of my donation quilts but got up to work on that batting.   I had the label sewn down and maybe about 4 inches done when the others began to arrive.  Jane volunteered to take it so I handed it off.   The quilt I was quilting two weeks ago is STILL on top of the machine, waiting.  In my defense, I was gone for a week and had things to tend to because I WAS gone for a week and then got sick.  This is the only thing I have finished---Egg Basket from Bee Tree Designs.   At one point I thought I might start the next basket since I am now half done with the set of 12 or the Bird Brain Designs 4th of July embroidery but it did not happen.

Judy had two donation quilts with her but she has asked me to bind them as she does not feel it is her strong suit.   In the past she has paid me to do this for her for opportunity quilts made for fund raising for local concerns so she must think I do a good job on it.  She had the leftover fabrics to cut it for one of them and I'll scrounge around from something for the 2nd one.  Turns out I have the leftovers from from a previous quilt she had made using the same fabric line so I can see another quilt being made from the "leftovers of the leftovers".  I may go ahead and cut out a few more things while I am in that frame of mind---like that Prairie Stroll I mentioned in my last post perhaps?  Maybe the August Button Up that will also fulfill that Paint Chip Challenge from guild too.  Who knows?

DJ is going into town soon on errands and I have asked to ride along to make a couple stops of my own along the way.  Better wrap this up and finish getting ready.  Hope you have a good day in whatever you chose to do--------

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