Jun 7, 2012

today's quilting #3

Today's quilting project----what I call Staggered Bricks, top from August 2011.   The fabrics are all donation fabrics.  The lighter gold was from our dear Bama Belle friend Theramae's estate.   Many of the prints came from Ellen at Wrap Them in Love headquarters and from her mother's estate.  The darker brown was something fellow Belle Linda C had put in the donation bin and I think that lighter green might have been hers as well.

Anyway, I combined all this to come up with this quilt.   I have more strips cut with a fall vibe but can't remember what I had decided for them.  One problem with this one though:  either this was just a hair wider than the backing or we didn't get it placed to accomodate the width when we pinned it.  I just trimmed it down by a half inch all around so the border will finish a tad smaller than my original plan of 3 inches but that's okay.  It was easier than adding more fabric to the backing after it was mostly quilted!

OH and to amend my post from yesterday---I totally forgot that I had made a BQ 2 from that same Habitat Challenge quilt.   No wonder I am glad to see that green fabric gone!  4 quilts from the same stuff is enough.   I would say that I met and exceeded THAT challenge.  I made a ton of tops last year but I think this one was the only one that I actually quilted.  It was delivered to the Talladega Presbyterian Home earlier this year.   (Shown here as a top. )

 That's it for today---tomorrow I think it will be Positive-Negative Puss in the Corner from back in late June 2011.   Saturday I have Friendship Quilters guild so that looks to be a binding or stitchery day on my return home.  I would be thrilled if I can get to 6 done and 6 to go.  I had promised myself that I would start cutting  and sewing on Farmer's Wife Sampler but I hate to quit when I am on a roll with this quilting.

And so it goes-------------

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