Jun 11, 2012

catch up

Finally sitting down to rest!  I went straight from my morning walk, to errands, to laundry and cooking. It is mizzling out there with intermittent downpours so while the temps are down, it is extremely muggy, inside and outside the house.  That rain/mist stuff  started right as I was getting into the car after the walk, thank heavens but I still had to run the errands in it.  I got wet and never have dried off/dried out.

You might say will just turn on the air!  Well, DH has that set so high that it is will probably not run enough to feel comfortable in the house.  In that case I find it preferable to put a box fan in the window and turn on the ceiling fan to an a/c set at 79 on these "tweener" days.

Since the Belles and I are discussing/demonstrating/playing with quilting at our meeting tomorrow, we had decided to go with a potluck lunch rather than chase out for carry out in the middle of "class".  That explains the need to cook this morning.  Since I was experimenting with a recipe, it is entirely possible that my strawberry fluffy stuff will not set up correctly. My fingers are crossed but I am guessing I may have needed to drain some of the liquid off the frozen strawberries though I limited the amount of liquid added to the packages of jello to offset it.  (I put a little bowl of it in the freezer just to see how it turns out in there---might like it better!)   I made tuna macaroni salad as a back up, LOL----plus I like it!  DJ and I have to eat as well, right?   It is an old family favorite and have never learned how to make just a little bit of it.  It just occurred to me that I left out the pickle relish.  That will NOT do!  Back in a minute  I even have tonight's casserole ready to pop in the microwave to re-heat.  I had no desire to head back out there again in a few hours to cook dinner.   WHEW!    DJ had an appointment for a followup echo cardiogram early this afternoon and would have liked for me to sit down and eat with him but I was too busy to stop and right in the middle of some part of the process.

I would have like to have finished this quilt up this weekend but it just did not happen.   #4 of 12 Puss in the Corner.  I left off on Friday night with all the horizontal lines completed and one column worth of verticals but 11 lines to go.  I guess this will be the one I use for the demo tomorrow rather than pulling another quilt off the stack.

Saturday I had Friendship Quilters Guild and my pal Teresa rode along with me.  The other gals took a separate vehicle as initially they planned on going over to Hoover (AL) and the Quilt Symposium show that was held Thursday through Saturday.  As it turned out, some of them had gone on Friday with the JOY group but were going to go to the quilt shop in Trussville instead.  Pell City is kind of the half way point from Calhoun County and on to the Birmingham Metro area.  I had opted out of both activities.    Actually that turned out to be a good decision as I felt un-well once I got home.

Sunday ended up pretty much paperwork day---meeting minutes and all that plus things around the house that needed to be taken care of.  Translation:  no quilting though later I was looking at the Hancock Fabrics and Keepsake Quilting catalogs.  I really like some of the Moda Vintage Modern particularly THIS piece of yardage with the sky/aqua and red, pink accents.  Some of the Dear Stella Petal Pushers are interesting too. I could totally see using a bit of that sky vintage modern as a "jumping off" point for my Farmers' Wife Sampler.   Dear Stella reminds me more of the type of fabrics in my 40's-50's bowtie on the bed.  The fabric I love most is a nice clear blue with red flowers on it and it feels like feed sack stuff.  THAT is the look I want for FWS.

What I am thinking of doing is setting a mileage goal for myself with walking.  I am currently at 11 miles so if I say when I hit 50 or so, I will order a half yard of that fabric and maybe a couple pieces of the companion prints.  Not a food reward, a fabric reward.  OR it is not that long till DJ gives me birthday money to spend. I can still walk but maybe I order a tad more if it is subsidized, LOL.  It is something to ponder anyway.

Well, I still have things to gather for quilting day tomorrow including making a sandwich to practice some free motion quilting on.   I'll pack up the machine and supplies and load the car before it starts raining again as well.  In spite of my best intentions and efforts I am always running around in a rush to get out of here on quilting mornings.  Brenda told me we may have some guests from her small quilt group and I know Bev invited a friend too.  I need to be sure to get there at 9 in case we have a few early birds as I have the key.

And sew it goes---------


  1. I am so looking forward to tomorrow's meeting. Have my Lemon Ice Box Pie made. Hope it will be enough. May have to cut into small squares. I really enjoyed the Friendship Guild meeting and riding with you. See you tomorrow!


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