Jun 4, 2012

WIP Monday

Yesterday was a day of rest but I did spend a good part of the day machine quilting this Twisted Sisters top on Saturday.  I completed the top way back in January 2011 from something my mom had kitted up.  I have more green strips that Mom shared with me that need some background fabrics from my stash.

I like this set actually and could see doing another similar quilt.  Ami Simms' is the designer and she showed a version we liked on the gallery pages in blues calling it Truly Twisted  by flipping half the blocks the opposite directions by flipping the template or the fabric.  I would have to review how to do either directions at this point.  It is pretty easily quilted in the ditch as well by just following the jagged line horizontally and then vertically.  There is some double quilting on the center when you change directions but that's no biggie.  Obviously I still need to put the binding on but I may wait till I get the 2nd quilt done that requires the same colored cut binding like the borders.  The quilt itself will not look appreciably different bound so here is the picture of it near finished.

This is what I was piddling with a bit yesterday.  Bird Brain Designs has a set of 4th of July stitcheries that you add to tea towels called American Celebration #524.  I do not need tea towels but I thought if I re-sized the motifs with Irfanview I could get them a bit bigger and just do a small skinny wall hanging instead.  To that end I cut out the motifs, scanned them and then resized it in printing to about 6 inches in width preserving the aspect ratio for the block height.  Three of the designs are elongated and two more squat so I could put the squat ones in between the longer ones but I may float them or put the squat ones below the elongated ones.

Now I am marking the motifs on Kona Snow fabric using the light box.  The fabric just feels so much more flimsy to me after using the heavy weight muslin that Bird Brain Designs sells (for the basket blocks I am working on intermittently---like part of Friday)  I am considering putting some light weight interfacing on the back of the blocks before I start any stitching.  I doubt that this will be done in time for this 4th of July.  I have far too much machine quilting to do for that to happen.  I also want to do a few blocks of the Farmer's Wife Sampler, after all.

No walking today----thunderstorms this morning and intermittent showers.  DJ has emptied 1.6 of rain out of our gauge, he said.  We need it as we were about 5 inches behind last year's totals but 7 or 8 inches down over all.   I woke to a nearby thunder clap at 615 and a skittish cat who didn't know if he wanted to crawl back under the bed or follow me out to the kitchen for his treat bite.  Poor baby.

I have to watch my time for preparing supper since I need to be in town at 6.   Brenda, one of my Belles friends, has a son who is an Anniston fireman and her husband is involved with emergency management/Red Cross.  We had a lead on providing a quilt to a little boy whose great-grandmother was killed in a late April house fire in my little town.  The little boy and his grandfather were injured in the same fire.   Brenda emailed me to tell me that the boy and his father were invited guests at the Volunteer Fire Department tonight at 6.  Would we want to come and give him his quilt?  I sent out an email to the gals and I think several of us plan on being there.   Once I verified just where we needed to be, that is including me.  I drive near there all the time but was never sure just where they were located.

I am thinking pizza tonight since DJ requested it.  If you like to make your own crust, this is a good one that uses whole wheat flour  Perfect Pizza Crust.  I also like the one from Prepared Pantry on pages 5-7 though I don't exactly follow the directions.  Double and punch down and then put it in the pan--- and I found it doesn't take that long to bake either!

Guess that's it for today's post---other than playing too many rounds of  newly discovered Wordsmith this morning it has been a pretty lazy day.  I was keeping Norma entertained with some of my selections yesterday even poking in words I didn't even know WERE words!  Who knew?

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  1. Great looking quilt, Linda! Hope you are enjoying the new motifs you are working on. I worked on the Jewel box Toy Story quilt today. Almost have all the blocks made of one set of 12 and have part of the second set of 12 started. Have a great one.


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