Jun 30, 2011

finished to flimsy

I knew when I last posted that I probably would NOT get my current top done that day or even the next. And I didn't. Between running a few errands and doing some meal prep work ahead my time was spoken for. I would sew intermittently and play on the computer in between----same as always, LOL.

Hot off the press----or rather after Quilt Holder got up from his nap. The Belles Scrappy Challenge Puss in the Corner flimsy is done. See who is looking for some dangling string down there?? I had put a couple more squares into the mix when I was cutting up the blue fabric recently. I found if I made two more blocks I could add an extra row for length. Kids come in all sizes, after all. We shoot for 40 x 60 and this is probably closer to 43 x 68 ish.

And speaking of the Skyler kitty, some of the fabric was cleared out with what WAS the dark to medium blue bin. He can get up on the shelf and "hide" if he wants and keep me company in the sewing room. Mostly he was at loose ends and didn't seem to know WHAT he wanted.

The electrician guys and the power company person were here this morning to fix the mast pole. He could hear unfamilar voices and that had him spooked for a bit----back under the bed. Poor kitty doesn't get any rest from the real and imaginary perils he faces lately.

And remember my saying that we are starting think we have been bit by a run of bad luck lately? The "what next?" phenomena? Well, we didn't have to wait long for the latest snafu. I had just finished preparing our lunch and about to sit down to eat when the postal person pulled into the drive and honked, handing me the mail. Janet said " I supposed you know that the mailbox is down" Ah, no, I/we didn't. I explained about the workers being here this morning and one of them probably backed into it. Odd that no one bothered to tell us that they hit it though. The nails holding it were about 4 inches long and completely pulled out so it had to have been hit pretty hard, DJ said. They will have to hold our mail at the post office if we don't get it fixed. Husband was NOT happy but will not call the guy(s) back. DJ is pretty sure it was the electrician because of how and where they were parked.

He had hopes that he could repair the thing but two things have occured over the years. 1) Termites got into the pole. 2) Screws holding down the metal box are rusted down and you cannot insert a screw driver. Off he went to Lowe's for a replacement deal. 38 bucks later, we have a new mail box that he will put in once the sun gets below the tree line. I did go out and help him get the post out of the ground though.

Here is to better days------------

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