Jun 17, 2011

reveal of a formerly top secret project

The FABS were finally able to gather in one spot long enough for our pal Cher to open her birthday presents.

Between a family illness, lagging participants, various people taking trips hither and yon we just could not get our schedules, particularly on a weekend to align. We had hoped initially that we would have a sewing project to do---like we did with the Jelly Roll 1600 for Pam's bday. Finally we just opted for an evening and even then one of the girls had just an hour window. Cher does have something sewing in mind (at least we think it is sewing) for us but it might be mid September before we can make it happen. She won't tell us what though!

Anyway, this is what I made for her. Gordian Knot VI. You may recall when I made Gordian Knot 1 shown HERE . The patterns were all designed Mary Whitehead. Our teacher Nancy Allain said Mrs. Whitehead had drawn up the designs before her passing but died before she could include the assembly instructions. The teacher spent 4 years figuring out how THAT part was done for the 9 designs.

I chose the pattern for Cher as it reminds me a jigsaw puzzle and I know how she and her sister love doing puzzles together. Also there are 5 "rings", one for each of the FABS and used her favorite bright clear colors to make it. I hope she likes it.

It was not an easy for me to piece since the black edging is so narrow. It would have been far more simple to have made the double sized quilt rather than the half sized one, let me tell you. However, I was shooting for a small wall hanging or table topper. At one point I was drawing up sections in EQ so I could foundation piece them more reliably.

So there you have it---one secret revealed.


  1. Well done! It is beautiful! I'm sure the birthday girl will love it! Any hints for YOUR birthday surprise?!

  2. It's beautiful! Looks very complicated to make--but oh my, it's a beauty!

  3. I love the connection of the 5 rings to the 5 FABs! ...and when you think about it, the pattern is so perfect, as all of our 5 lives have become intertwined like the rings on this quilt. This is a beautiful quilt and just perfect for the occasion!

  4. Linda it turned out beautifully....and I love how we are finding different ways to include 5 of this or that in various things...like the wallhanging Pat made for me a couple of years ago...5 butterflys, 5 stars, 5 fish etc...love it.

    I have reserved Aug 13 for your PAR~TAY...I do need to get my quilt kitted and ready for that day.


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