Jun 20, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Saturday I managed to get the sections sewn together for the Summer "In Seasons" wall hanging but so far, it remains up on the design wall with the pile of motif fabrics stacked up and waiting. I still need to mark the word "welcome" to the top and bottom border if I am going to stitch that on. You can find a picture of where I am headed HERE .

Since tomorrow is the official start of summer and I am not ready with the replacement wall hanging, I may shift a few of the wall hangings around as a temporary measure. I notice too that I still have a little rabbit hanging on the sewing room door that should be replaced with something more seasonal----like the flag motif maybe?? Flag Day, 4th of July coming up, after all.

After I took this picture, I finished cutting my way thru the smaller pieces of blue fabrics that I had pulled, doing it in sections for both pressing and cutting. I have squares cut for 3d bowties, enough to get started on a project anyway. Maybe red knots would be good?

I also cut for the
Skinny Strips
project for my August bday party sewing date but I cut them wider at 3 inches. That way the leftovers can be used for another purpose later. Same thing with the 3 1/2 inch strips. I still plan on trying my hand at the Disappearing 4 patch but probably need more background strips cut than I currently have on hand. I may whip one of those up in a bit to try out the technique. Tomorrow though I plan to work on the star blocks for Ben's quilt since they need to be done by Friday, come to think of it. Better get my rear in gear here! I have a sewing goal it appears.

And so it goes----the only sewing I have done today is a mending job I needed to do. This being Monday, I had a few errands to run and some cooking chores to tend to. Two meals today rather than one, Sunday's stuff leaving us with no leftovers. The neighbor came over with some cukes and yellow squash so I need to figure out some way of working them into this week's menu plans. I am not crazy about the casserole recipe I have used before but am not sure which one to try next. Stir fry would be easier! Add in a few things to take care of for the quilt group today and the day is whipping by fairly quickly.

I hope you have had a good day in whatever you chose to do---------

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  1. Linda, I like that top picture, what is that called? And I clicked on your link to Skinny Strips, that looks like a fun one too! thanks for the inspiration!


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