Jun 8, 2011

a start

It is a start! I pulled some possible fabrics for "Summer" from Nancy Halvorsen's In Season yesterday. Today I winnowed it down and cut.

I knew from digging around in the storage container over stuffed with neutrals and lights that there was no way on God's green earth I would get it back in there again. I separated things out by shades or types but picked up two smaller 20 qt. containers when I was out today. This should make it easier to see what I have for a scrappy background quilt in the future. I left the white on whites out since I know that I will be needing them for the flag Button Up and/or veterans quilts---they don't really belong where I had them anyway. Think I might get some sewing done if I ever got myself organized to my satisfaction??

The stuff you see piled on the table is the applique motif stuff. The left pile is possibles for the borders and binding.

To the right, is where I am heading. It should look something like this. (Scanned from the book cover.) I can't match the fabrics and in some cases, I would not want to as it looks too dark in spots. I am not sure about my"so far" selections for the angel's dress or the sunrise (sunset?) motif colors.

Still, I am closer than I was a few days ago.

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  1. I am looking forward to see your summer quilt :-)


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