Jun 9, 2011

home happenings

Skyler shown visiting with the neighborhood cat, Chico. Yeah, the spoiled baby gets a chair moved over to the door way so he can see his buddy. If we could just entice Chico over the front door where the visible area goes all the way down, we would not do this. Chico likes the cool shaded concret though.

First thing this morning, DJ opens his blind and the thing comes crashing down. Skyler runs off like he had been shot and bright morning sun comes streaming in. It turns out the header on the blind has cracked from the constant of the pull cord on it. It came with the house so who knows how many years old it is as I can only count the almost 14 years we have been here.

What to do?? He doesn't want a light colored one but that is all that the stores carry nor does he want to pay a lot to replace them. Might be able to get a black one from Penney's or order it but the price range was 10-60 bucks. BUT we have some old blinds out in the storage shed but are they the right size? Maybe, maybe not since they were for the kitchen or the ones we took down for my two rooms. AH! He hit pay dirt with one I had purchased for our home in IL to go with a quilt I still have not finished. Heck, I even have the navy dust ruffle, curtains, table skirt and throw rug to go with it. Anyway, it is dark blue but is just a tad too wide.

Let me tell you, he has really worked hard to save himself some money and get the dark color he wants. It is technically my blind but I told him to do it. I would get aluminum ones if I ever do need it. The holder had to be replaced on one side which is not an easy task either. Out came the miter box and he cut the eeny bit off the header. Scissors were needed to trim off the slats on both sides but he is still adjusting that part as some are dragging a bit when he tries to raise it. A coping saw took care of the bottom finish bit. Eventually he will probably take off the extra slats to reduce the weight on the bottom but I have a feeling that will wait a good bit since he is usually "Mr. Git 'er Dun" and move on. Where there is a will, there is a way. Let the internal argument about which way to flip the blinds blocks out more light begin, LOL. (I still say he is wrong but he will not come around to my way of thinking. It is minor, pick your battles)

The whole state of Alabama is now under a burning ban due to the continued drought conditions. We are about 4-5 inches behind on our rainfall totals and it is dry, dry, dry out there. There is no likely rainfall totals coming either as this front is stalled out all over most of the area east of the Mississippi and has been for weeks. UGH! I will restate again---we did NOT move south for the summers but it is this hot in IL too. DJ does say that this dry stuff does tend to keep the fire ant mounds down; it is easier for them to dig when we have had some rain or something.

And so it goes at our little home this morning---what will not be working right tomorrow?

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  1. ah, the great "which way to flip the blinds" debate! we no longer have the great blind debate as we replaced out blinds with honeycomb (or cellular) blinds, which we found much more energy efficient for our area.


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