Mar 1, 2011


Well, I did NOT get this top finished up yesterday as planned. I got the center part completed yesterday but finished up with the setting triangles and borders today. Triple borders with one to float the design. You may have to click the image better to see that the lighter color is blue with a purplish dot on it.

I like the way it looks but it finished a good bit bigger than I anticipated at 45 x 53. I had sorta hoped that it might fit above my bed in the "gallery" area without having to move the hangers----maybe, maybe not.

Any suggestions on how to quilt those setting triangles? If I am keeping it, something hand quilted in those spots would be pretty.

And just because he is so darned cute and I had the camera in my hand waiting for "'Quiltholder" I snapped Skyler's picture. He was doing his run and flop routine off the edge of the couch so I would play with him.

That's it for now----tomorrow I am off to nickel squares 4 patch units and see how far I get. Other than cutting binding for the Gordian Knot, I'm done for the night.


  1. That's a beautiful quilt and you should definitely keep it. Maybe a feather spray radiating out from the corners?

  2. I love how this one turned out. You may think that it finished a bit bigger than you had wanted, but I know if my mother saw it she would say that it was perfect for a table topper! LOL I hope it fits in the area above your bed as it is gorgeous and deserves to be shown off! Your handquilting is wonderful and it looks like you have the perfect areas to show it off. Do you have any celtic quilting designs that you could add to those corners to accent the overall celtic feel of the quilt? BTW, I love the picture of Skyler! Way too cute!


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