Mar 21, 2011

Design table Monday

So here is Sunday's project moving into today.

LOL, that bottom border was sewn up on this once but I opened it up so I can insert the tulip stems into the seam and not have to worry about finishing one end of the tube. I pinned it up with a fold just to fit it in the picture. These finish about 22 x 43 so those long stems WILL fit in that space.

I realize too that the borders are fairly light. I did not have any decent spring looking floral in the stash, or enough of it in one case. I liked this yellow piece with a hint of lavender/purple and will think of my friend Theramae when I look at this wall hanging as it was from her stash. I plan to bind it with the purple you see in the letters and one of the tulips. The pattern called for pinks and reds for the tulips an a couple of yellow ones. Because of the border fabric choice, I wanted to add some purple ones as well. That, and it is my fav color, LOL. The only fabric that was NOT from my stash was enough of the pine green Moda Marble. I picked up a few fats of that on the quilt shop run last weekend. There lots of quilts hiding in the stash! Aren't we supposed to shop our stash first?

I have decided to hand applique this piece, everything but the letters. I did the umbrella last night so I could get the giant piece of freezer paper out of there, LOL----after I took this picture. I want to baste down the stems today but will set the whole deal aside to do a bit of button hole applique on "Welcome" and the "giftie" with hopes of pinning them tomorrow at the quilt meeting. Truth be told, I should probably reverse that plan just to make sure I am ready----buttonhole and then baste in the time I have left.

I have been up for a little over an hour and whipped up some egg salad for lunch and just finished putting together some beef stew in the crockpot for supper. I am not quite done in the kitchen yet though as I still need to get the ingredients together for our potluck lunch tomorrow. I decided to make some quick cheese bread but not bake it till we are there so will need to gather the bowls, pans, etc and pre-measure of the ingredients. There are also a few errands to run and a few laps in the park while I am in town. Think I should get dressed before I head out???

Busy day so far and to come, it would appear. Hope you have a good one and thanks for stopping by------------


  1. I just LOVE these Spring quilts that you've been working on, Linda!! I am going to check and see if I have the book(?) that these patterns are in...or were they like BOMs? I know I have something that is at least similar. They are just adorable. :)

  2. You are continuing with great progress on these monthly button-ups! It isn't even April yet and you are well on your way to finishing that one up!


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