WIP Weds, wk 10

Haven't sewn a lick yet but I AM getting ready to. I even vacuumed up my mess from the last few days........just to make another mess, LOL.

I may have cut up all my available yardage of this particular Moda Marble into nickel squares. Remarkably, I have just enough moda squares to do the project! Woohoo. 5 inch squares are find for piecing the 4 patch units but DUH! I also need 4 1/2 inch squares to complete the 8 inch finished blocks. My donation sized quilt needs 46-49 of them depending on how I treat the lower right corner. To my way of thinking the last block needs one 4 patch unit plus one square. The other block section could be cut as a rectangle to eliminate a seam, providing I have some yardage.

And this is where I am headed---the quilt at right. I may also be piecing some huge 4 patches for Puss in the Corner blocks while I am in the nickel grouping container. Those will have a muslin background so I think I can keep things straight.

Hope you have a fun day stitching at your house---------


  1. Sounds like a great plan! Have fun!

  2. You are productive--working on two projects at once! Are you on the hunt for more of the Moda Marbles to finish off the 4.5" squares? It would be a shame to have to stop at point because you are in need of a particular fabric given that you are on a roll! It must feel good to know you have cut your way through that donation bag and have planned projects for it all. It sure didn't take you long!


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