Mar 14, 2011

Monday check-in

Not much production going on around here the past few days---a little redwork on "Here Comes Santa" cornerstones at guild meeting on Saturday. We made run to the quilt shop In Trussville on Saturday so we were all over the country side in St. Clair/Jefferson county Alabama that day!. Yesterday, I had grocery errands but did a little sewing. Thursday, was just a plain "no motivation" day and I went with that though I felt a little guilty about it.

Friday I made up for the laziness and got some cutting done on my next project. I decided to do the "Welcome" Joined at the Hip Button Up project next. This one hangs between occasions or holidays. Even better it can stay up when you need to get caught up with the monthly quilts, LOL. January HAD to come down! I am set for doing the April block, fabricwise but will have to go back later to do February and March.
I scanned the photo from the pattern insert so you can see it. Mine will be sorta "country" but with fabric, color substitutions. My base is a mix of fabrics from their fabric kit so just about anything goes but 30's. I raided the "Christmas" fabric bin first looking for some reds and greens for another project and found my border fabric for this piece. You know it has been around for awhile when you see "1987" in the selvage edge! I remember purchasing it on a visit to Lincoln, NE to see my maternal grandmother. Grandma had taken me to her nearby Hobby Lobby. It might be an antique but I still like it, even without the cachet of how I came to find it.

Yesterday I DID manage to piece two quilt backs for my last two tops, Hot Mess and Gordian Knot #1. The only other piecing was this little name badge for Friendship Quilters. It measures 4.5 inches at this point but I am not sure what I want to do with it next. Binding would be a little tricky doing the join unless I use single fold. I could "birth it" but batting would make it a little thick for turning. My name has to go on it somewhere, somehow but I want to fix that upper left corner first. Think I will just let this simmer for a bit as the meeting is a month away and I can wear an old one in the meantime.

Off to piece my top. As you can see, there is a bit of applique to do once the piecing is done as do all of the JATH series. Should be fun!

I hope you find something to make your day fun too------

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