Mar 3, 2011


The pictures look a little dark and even fuzzy but I am not retaking them. So there, LOL.

I made a dent in the nickel container yesterday sewing simultaneously on the diagonal 4 patch chain and Puss in the Corner. There is a pile of PIC components ready to seam for the second step. I made one completed block to remind myself if you could use a different square in the giant 4 patches and have it wind up as the outer small squares. LOL, you can. Shooting for 35 blocks and I already have three done.

Also, my primary objective top: there is a small stack of seamed nickels for random 4 patches. Those will probably turn into 16 patches at some point but I have a whole container full of just plain 2 1/2 inch squares to also draw from. 16 patches grow to be Chiclets, Sunny Lanes, Road to St. Louis for example.

I also seamed enough seamed two color nickels for the 4 patch diagonal chain. I need 92 but doing two at once, 46 will do the trick. I wanted to see what one block looks like. The size I am doing needs 23 of this configuration so I have a ways to go yet! I'll slow down and let Sheila catch up. She is making 6 inch blocks while I am doing 8 inch ones so she needs lots more.

The FABS are supposed to do a version of the Jelly Roll Race on Saturday so I want to do a little prep work today. I remember something like this from years back when you seamed strips end to end and rolled it up on a toilet paper tube. (Looks like 3 1/2 inch strips would roll the width of one) I'll seam and I'll roll to keep the long strip corralled.

Finn does something just like this and her tutorial can be found HERE . My version will be like hers with short strips and random coloration. The stacked strips concept is the popular lasagna quilt too, isn't it? It might not be my first choice of a quilt to make but it does use up some of scrappy stash plus the birthday FAB asked us to make one for her party. That randomly stack strips block that probably uses Jelly Roll strips would be a take on that too. Can't think of the name or pattern source to link to it. Moving on...............

The small stack next to the overflowing 2 1/2 inch strip bin is the pile I cut from the Belles Scrap Challenge so those will be included in the Jelly Roll project. BUT I want to save out the shorter bits I uncover for Faux Log Cabin. The Belles and I made a ton of these at one of our sew-in's in the pre-blogging days (Translation: prior to 2006, LOL) I whipped one up this morning but will need 24 for WTIL sized quilt. Printout will remind me of what sizes of strips I need.

One look at the overflowing 2 1/2 inch bin and you can see that there are a lot of quilts hiding in THAT container. I doubt that there are enough lights in there for many Faux log cabin strips but I may be delightfully surprised. I'll pull strips but not sew them for now concentrating on the toilet paper roll thing for today.

A haircut and a visitation to attend this afternoon will cut into my play time a bit but that's okay. DJ is taking advantage of a lovely day and took off to play 9 holes for the first time in what seems like forever. The only time he has played lately is when his pal from IL has come down. Herb's last trip, they didn't go as the weather was so cold. Skyler is sleeping in a sunny spot and I'm pecking at the computer keys enjoying the peace and quiet.

I'll conclude with this lovely sunset shot from last night. It was glorious in person but I didn't capture it near as well with my camera. You can also catch a glimpse of one of the neighborhood Bradford Pears in full glory.

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  1. You have been a busy beaver! No need to wait on me, though... I'll get there soon.

    By the way, I like Finn's method of joining the strips, which is like that shown in the book Super Simple Strips by Lynda Milligan.


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