Mar 9, 2011

WIP Weds. late edition

It has been a busy day today but NOT from doing anything in the creative department. There were a lot of little odds and ends of the paperwork variety both personal and pertaining to the quilt group, a few errands to run, re-organizing the bag that I schelp around to the meetings, cleaning out my purse......and so on.

Shown at right, the scrappy fall log cabin blocks I made for the Friendship Quilters guild, my Monday project. The organizer asked us NOT to trim them down to size so they do not look square. I had hoped to get around to the name badge thing then but it didn't happen. Tomorrow, then.

The quilt group met yesterday so I have a couple photos to share. Jane had finished the binding on Leann's "Romance" challenge quilt so it was ready for its "glamour shot". I had quilted it for her a couple months ago and her grandmother Aline had put on the binding.

Next up is Beverly (hiding her head) with a top she came up with with a large fabric panel. We had discussed doing something she could do that would not decapitate the dogs too much. I love how she fussy cut the dogs for the squares.

It was a laid back day. Beverly and Jane pinned this little top. Linda C was working on a hand project but needed some help in dealing with a fusible project. Janet was machine quilting a lovely fall piece she had been working on at the last meeting. Brenda was hand finishing some binding.

............and Betsy an I were sewing. I pair up the triple rail blocks from the Belles scrappy challenge project. Mostly I stitched up a pile of pairs---till I forgot I was doing 9 blocks across, LOL. Janet had her ripper more handy than mine so I un-sewed some to put together two rows of it anyway before we left for the day.

This will be an ongoing project as I am putting this back up till next meeting. I have plans for getting back to a couple of appliqued and/or pieced personal projects this week. I'm thinking either the Welcome and/or March Joined at the Hip Button Up projects. I already have the spring "In Seasons" base already done so the applique motifs need to be prepped for that. Saturday is Friendship Quilter's meeting so I have a feeling it will be a handwork sort of day while I sit.

We had quite the rain event starting yesterday afternoon and not really letting up until just before lunch today. Some lightning and strong wind gusts too. We measured just shy of 4 inches of rain in our gauge! When I left on errands late morning, I was stunned to see the small creek/bridge that I cross frequently was out of its banks and flooding the nearby fields. There was no water standing on the roads near here or I would have turned around and went home. The ditches and culverts tend to get clogged up with vegetation and debris so the rain water run off had no place to go. No doubt some locations in the county and state were not as lucky. As you can imagine walking on the grass this afternoon was like stepping on a sponge, squishing. DJ was out working to cut down some overgrown bushes by afternoon.

That's about it for this note. I hope you had a great day and thanks for stopping by!


  1. It doesn't look like you have a shortage of projects to work on right now. Is the variety of projects what is keeping you motivated? I need some of your energy! A lovely finish for Leann, and a great flimsy finish for Beverly! I love that dog print! It sounds like you have had your fair share of rain lately--not unlike us!

  2. Sorry about the unsewing part (my personal thing that I do a lot!)...all the rest is marvelous is so many ways!! Wow, that is really a lot of many extrems right now in the weather!


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