Mar 6, 2011

a finish

No thanks to Skyler, but I got the binding finished up on my Kitty "Leap Frog" quilt.

The fluorescent light is throwing the color off a bit---I used a combination of pink with black and black with pink Michael Miller Bling Kitty fabric since that is all the store had on hand. I was working on the hanging sleeve when this was taken.

And tada,! there it is, all done and all mine though Skyler may have something to say about that. THX Linda S for the fabric gift and insisting that I make something "just for me" with it. Took me while to get it done ---like almost 5 years but there it is.

Tomorrow, back to piecing!


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  2. Fun and bright and happy and cheery and all of the above. Nice to have a personal project finished. A very productive wknd by all accounts. Good job!


  3. love how this turned out...that pattern keeps being a great one for showing off fun fabrics! way to treat yourself sweetie...

  4. It's always fun to have something for yourself. Love the fabric and the way you put it all together.

  5. This is one cheerful quilt--defintely makes yo smile looking at it! Nice finish! I am glad to hear this is one you are keeping for you!


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