Mar 17, 2011

WIP Thursday

Happy St. Pat's! Pattern source for base: Multi-seasonal calendar quilt from Katrinka Designs. The shamrock was my idea and is the holiday section of Sew Precise 1-2. I keep telling myself that I need to make a May basket block and I would probably have most decorating situations covered for this wall hanging anyway, LOL. I have a couple possible block ideas, also foundation pieced.

We will have a semi-traditional meal for us for St. Pat's with corned beef brisket cooking in the crockpot but I cannot do that steamed cabbage stuff. We do like the Colcannon Potatoes and I already have the green cake made---Watergate Cake with Cover Up Frosting. We'll skip the green beer, LOL. The meal should make for a happy husband tonight.

I had to laugh yesterday when DJ related a story of an acquaintance that works at our local bank branch office asking DJ if I was still quilting. He replied that "Oh yeah. She quilts and she cooks---and she is a good cook!" He may not tell ME that often enough but it is good to hear that he was bragging on me.

So the WIP is barely started, LOL. I decided to prep the April Button Up from Joined at the Hip today. Actually this one has very little sewing involved as it is mostly appliqued. I think the umbrella handle can be stitched down to the fabric base and then the other edge appliqued down though I have not quite worked on the math on how big to cut the strip to make that happen. Add half inch for seam allowances like usual???

This will be a mix of applique techniques again. I will use freezer paper the umbrella and maybe the tulips. The leaves and rain drops, I am going to try prepping over a templar base like you do yo-yo's. I'll break out the bias bars for the flower stems and fuse the letters. I pulled fabrics last week so I basically ready to roll with this. It is fun to play with different fabric combos to come up with the look you want.

I took care of one of the gifties since I last posted but can't show the flimsy yet. It has some applique elements to stitch down but I will do that part on all the projects I have prepped at the same time.

I also changed my mind about the binding I had picked out for my Welcome piece even though I already had it and the hanging tabs prepped. Because I had it left it pinned on the base, I see it in the hallway all the time (read: every time I come out of the bathroom, LOL). I could see that the red background I had chose blends into the base a bit too much. Black binding I thought would be too dark so I went with a brown that is pretty close to a color in the border. My pal Pat had sent me the yardage some time back with words to the effect that it was "too ugly to live" (or something like that, LOL) but it will work fine for adding a separation of color.

And so it goes around here. I'll see how far I get today.

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  1. can hardly wait to see you *breath some life* inot that brown!


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