Mar 30, 2011

two finishes

In Season "Spring"---binding done but I still need to apply the buttons and some embroidered elements that will also help in the quilting department. Technically NOT finished but I will still count it. That part won't take long and I hope to have this hung in the living room this weekend. I just pinned it up on the design wall for the time being while I.................

.....................moved on to this one. I just took the last stitches in the binding and asked DJ to hold it up. "French Blue" medallion from Connecting Threads which was surely named after the fabrics Debbie Beaves used not the pattern itself. ( Pieced by my mom but quilted by me.) I will hang it in the gallery space above my bed during the summer months.

I am setting up the forward table/sewing table similarly to what I do when I quilt but facing a different direction in the room. Time to take on the binding and sleeve on my Daisy Chain quilt. This is a big one and I need some space to pile up the excess. I think the last time it was pictured on the blog was HERE back in Jan 2010 when I finished the top. I did take pics back in late October when I picked it up from the long arm quilter but posted them on facebook instead.

The infamous pile on the armoire that is normally piled with pinned quilts or quilts waiting binding is down to one after Daisy Chain is done!! WOOHOO! Pinning will commence on a couple of tops at the next meeting and I will get back to April Button Up applique and that donation 4 patch diagonal chain top for piecing.

I couldn't resist taking this picture of my two boys. Since DJ got this "new to him" recliner, Skyler has taken to laying on the foot rest between DJ's legs. The old one had a space between the foot rest and the chair seat and he couldn't do this. It used to be that he would sit right next to DJ but only in the evening hours during TV viewing time. DJ would get up to get something to eat or drink and then Skyler would take over the chair. Well, I guess he still does that part, LOL.

Well, best get cracking. The next thing I know it will be time to think about fixing supper.


  1. Two lovely finishes! Maybe Spring will come now that the Spring wall hanging is done. I really like it, especially the rabbit and tulip. Skyler looks very comfy. Puss's favorite place is right there too -- between DH's legs.

  2. congrats on the two bindings done! totally cool :)

  3. I really really like that Spring wallhanging, Linda...each of those seasonal banners that you've done recently makes me want to run into the 'stewdio' and pull books to make me one...alas I'm doing everything BUT playing in the stash right now. :)

  4. This is where Meow also sits. He thinks it is his part of the chair.

    love French very pretty.


  5. I love that wallhanging pieced by your Mom and quilted by you. This will be perfect in the gallery space above your bed! I have to laugh at the picture of Skyler--he looks pretty comfortable!


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