Mar 5, 2011


While this is not the actual birthday of our friend Pam, it is when she chose to celebrate it. So the FABS gathered in IM chat and she opened those boxes we have been sending her last week.

I can finally show you the top secret project I was working on last month! The pattern is Joined at The Hip's "Mother's Day" Button Up wall hanging done in her fav 30's prints. It should look better on HER base than mine.

I used a combination of applique techniques on this. The hearts were prepped on freezer paper. I used bias bars for the flower stems. The leaves and flower centers were prepped with templar and spray starch. That goofy looking flower shaped was fused (I so stink at needle turn) For continuity sake I button hole appliqued it all though I could have easily done all but those flowers by hand.

Next we moved on to the sewing portion of the party. I did mine far more conventionally that the Jelly Roll Race called for. I also had a head start this morning because 1) I was up at 6:15 and 2) I knew it would take me longer since I pin, press and trim as I go. Cher, Pam, Norma and Pat all followed the directions and had a top done in lickety split time. All indicated that NOT pressing as you go might have been a mistake as it was a bear to do afterwards.

Anyway, mine is all scrappy and the joins are going every which way and I changed how I was laying out the strips about 8 strips in. I was telling DJ at lunch that I didn't really care for this thing so when I asked him to hold it up he asked if this was the one I didn't like. He didn't think it was so bad and was "colorful" So maybe it is not the hot mess I thought it was after all?? It is not going to live at my house and I used all my Belles challenge 2 1/2 inch strips to make it.

I think I will work on the kitty quilt binding now that I am done. Skyler is napping in the window box so that might give me some time without his "assistance". I only got about a foot done last night since he snuggled right down in the folds and took over, LOL. The floor badly needs vacuuming but that can wait till he moves on to other parts of the house too. Husband snoring in the living room and cat, sleeping in the perch. Maybe I should take a hint and take a nap too??


  1. Today was great! I think we all enjoyed the day today. There is nothing better than sewing with your friends. I think your version of the strip quilt turned out great! It is even better that you can cross off the portion of the Belle's challenge that deals with the 2.5" strips!

  2. Thank you so much for my wonderful and charming is so cute! It will be hanging in the entryway of our home for so time~~at least until I can get around to making another one~~Welcome? July?

    I think you are being too hard on yourself over your turned out wonderful...even if this particular patter was outside our comfort zone, it was a fun experience for me.

    Yesterday was a blast ~ Next FAB bday is next month! whoo hoo...can't wait!


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