Jan 13, 2010

WIP Weds and meeting days

Yesterday marked the first quilt group meeting for the 2010 program year. Other than our going out to lunch in early December for our Christmas "party" we had not had a "work" session for two months. Some were expressing withdrawal symptoms, LOL. The cold weather cancelled another quilt group opportunity last week so probably did seem like a long time to see our buddies.

Several of us had tops to pin, a few are out for binding but the one at left is one that Jane had just finished. The top was made by Aline's granddaughter Leann. I can tell you that gma is busting her buttons that one of the girls is following in her foot steps. Leann is largely self taught in the quilting department but I think she is doing a wonderful job. I quilted this one for her and last week, a boy themed one she also made. Aline is almost done with the binding but the quilt will need to take a bath to remove some markings I made prior to picture taking.

I came home with two donation quilts to replace the ones that I just finished which I knew would happen. In this case, one is my own WTIL challenge quilt and the other, Aline's using the lunch box fabric. The girls were asking about this coming year's fabric choice. I had tried to describe it before but had it out in the car to show them. Since I had a goal to get borders on my Daisy Chain top, I was not prepared to cut it and parcel it out quite yet, LOL.

The fellowship hall tables were a great spot to spread out the top to get the border cutting measurements. By the time I left all I lacked was one long side border but that was primarily because, DUH, I neglected to cut it! Even long time piecers can have mental lapses. I guess I thought I was doing two at once or some such thing. Here I thought I was so smart because I had even cut the sleeve and binding but then forget to cut a 4th border, LOL. Though I had hope to have that outer border unseamed by cutting them on the length of grain, that obviously wasn't going to happen. All I basically had left of the yardage was a wide enough strip WOF to cut from and the two cutaways from top and bottom with only 6 inches leftover.

BUT first, I had to pick out the last row of stitching I had made at the meeting. When I switched thread color, I had some tension issues. I could get back on a different machine to deal home to deal with it. It still took me the better part of the evening to get the last side on. Turns out I cut it about 2 inches too long so no wonder it wouldn't fit, LOL in spite of my pinning and re-pinning trying to make it work. Then pin and re-pin to get it all eased in once it was re-cut took a bit of time as well. I wish the quilt was just a hair wider since I have one of those bulky pillow top mattresses but it will be fine for spring and summer when a blanket under it won't be needed. Other than that, I am very pleased with how this quilt turned out---and another finish to flimsy can be recorded!

To the left is my reward project in progress "Sleep Tight, Mr. Snowman" from Piecemaker's Something to Crow About. Years ago I had made one for a secret pal on a quilt list I help moderate. It was one of those things that I wish I had made for me as well. (Oh come on, we all do that!) Sunday I cut and fused it, filching some Wonder Under from another project in order to do so. The pattern called for using #8 perle cotton and a running stitch but I did it by machine this time. I recall what it was like to do that through fusible (windowed out this time) and warm and natural for inner batting plus the snow piles on the first go-round. No thank you! I quilted it Monday but needed for it to dry a bit from the chalk markings I had made for crosshatching the background. That's why it is hanging in that direction---it had been hanging over the bathroom vent on the pants hanger, LOL. Today I will add the buttons and other embellishments and work on the binding to get it finished up and hung.

Since I had a little time Monday evening and handwork was stalled out on the snowman, I did a couple of the short rows on the "Two of a Kind/Cheap Trick" that I had set aside this past summer. That is what you see peeking out from behind the snowman wallhanging. As much as I would like to keep going with it, the FAB challenge deadline is coming up so I best get cracking on that! The bed quilt waited this long, after all.

DJ's golfing friend from IL will be here sometime on Sunday. Provided the weather situation has warmed up and not warmed up to rain they will be off to the golf course Monday, maybe Tuesday. DJ didn't tell me how long a visit to expect so I guess I will get it from the horses mouth soon enough. Men never ask the "right questions" so I should just ask his wife if I want the straight story. Deeper house cleaning will happen on Saturday. Otherwise, not much going on around here---regular day to day stuff. Laundry is done and about time to get lunch together. Meanwhile DJ is messing with installing a new toilet seat and finding rusty bolts to deal with. Who do you thing is having more fun around here, LOL?


  1. Looks like you had a great meeting being able to put the borders on your Daisy Chain!

  2. hurray for so much getting done! Better DJ doing that chore than you I say

  3. Your Daisy Chain - all done, Wow! Borders and all - it seems like you just started that top. It came out really nice. Cheers! Evelyn


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