Jan 20, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Well, DJ's golfing friend has come and gone and the house is back to normal. Production came to a screeching halt for a couple of days as I was either cleaning or trying to keep it clean. That lasted till Monday. Once the boys hit the golf course, I didn't care anymore and sewing commenced. I pulled out my Cheap Trick/Two of a Kind and started piecing from the other end. What you see hanging on the hanger is the first half of the quilt. I need 7 more ever increasing in size rows to get this half done.

I should be working on my FAB challenge but I can't. I am short fabric and had thought I had width of the fabric cuts on hand. Nope, 11 x 18 inch sample type pieces instead. Won't work but I can use it for something else down the line minus the challenge fabric.

Now what? I am on deadline here and this pushes things back several days! I started looking thru some books and patterns again Monday night. I was mulling things over long after I went to bed. Well, one thought was the Frames pattern from Maple Island you see hanging in front of the sewing machine but I ruled it out as I didn't think some of the go-with's would work. I actually came up with 3 legitimately good ideas but what I am going with just came to me in a flash. That's it!! The needed fabric is ordered and on its way. I'll be ready to roll as soon as I see it.

In the meantime, Norma is leaving me astray again. She has been reading blogs and finding inspiration and then passing it on to me. Here we were doing so well to have some finishes and things crossed of our 10n10 lists! You can read all about it on her post HERE . "Trail Mix" from June 2004 APQ magazine. The idea is that we can use our scrap bag stuff and piece the blocks over time. It fits right in to the "on-going" category with no great rush to join the pieces. Should work.

Cher is interested in joining in but on a smaller scale---WTIL donation size. I re-drew a section of it in EQ for a "road map". This way we can count up how many of what type of block we need for the body of the quilt. I have thought about re-sizing the blocks from 6 to 8 inch finished though I have a lot of 3 1/2 inch squares cut for bowtie blocks that would work. The stuff I left uncolored in the sketch can be any medium or dark fabric.

I wonder what she will talk me into next, LOL?

Well, back to the sewing machine for me......all too soon it will be time to fix supper. Hope you have a great day in whatever you chose to do.


  1. Glad *life* is returning to normal after the golfing friend is on his way. :)

    Your Cheap Trick/Two of a Kind is looking good!

    We all might be heading down the *Trail Mix* thanks to Miss Norma..lol

  2. I enjoyed your post today - I don't get to read them all like I'd like. I like the Cheap Trick top - neat way to put together.

    I made the trail mix quilt a couple years ago and really, really enjoy the pattern. Can I recommend making the blocks in the actual 6" size? It went together really quickly and I had so much fun playing with my scrap fabrics, remembering when and in what quilt they were in, especially if they went to friends/family. I had so much fun, I enlarged it a bit. The main thing is to enjoy the process.

  3. I have changed my FAB project once again! I did give it a start this week although I didn't get very far.

    So I am leading you astray am I? Well, you must be great at following! LOL Actually, I think we collaborate nicely on projects which means we inspire each other. ....not a bad thing when you think about it. *VBG*


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