Jan 27, 2010

another edition of WIP Weds

Just to keep this from being a picture-less post, some of the scraps headed to the cutting basket for re-purposing. Some are in the FAB challenge (a tease for Cher, LOL) while others go in something else I whipped up. In between I worked on "Cheap Trick" but that doesn't look a whole lot differently that it did last week, LOL.

Since last week's edition of "WIP Weds", I have made and quilted two small pieces. Neither can be shown till after they have gone to their soon be be owners--blog readers, dontcha know. If I have to wait, then you do too!

Last night I stayed up till midnight working to finish that last little bit of binding on the challenge piece as it needs to get mailed ASAP. Woohoo! A finish to cross of my 10n10 list. The other piece is in a holding pattern till I get a bit of fabric I need for the binding but it will be complete soon enough. Almost another woohoo and cross off!

There were so few of us at the quilt meeting yesterday that I did a bit of the binding detail but then stopped to help Beverly pin a couple of her quilts. I had hoped to pin my "sisterhood of quilters" top but could not find it anywhere! I was just sure I had left it at the church and had not spotted it at home. In my search, I found some other things that I need at home and some fabric that I probably don't need but it should be used in some manner---maybe in that Trail Mix quilt since I am doing a donation sized version?? See what can be combined and made into a Snuggle Up? HERE is a shot of two I found hiding in the donation fabric last year so I may hit paydirt again. Once I got home and went on a "treasure hunt" it turned out Sisterhood was stuck under the quilt hoop and the piece I am hand quilting atop the armoire. It is so small and flat without any batting stuck in it and I completely missed it. It can wait. I can ask to use a nearby quilting pals pinning table if I want to quilt it bad enough.

When it looked like we would be finished in time for DJ and I to go out for our anniversary lunch, I headed home and picked him up. There is a fairly new restaurant called Effina's Italian Grille in Jacksonville near the JSU campus that we had not gone to yet so that was my choice, over our usual choice of the January catfish special at Top of the River. I know I reeked of garlic after eating a Caesar salad and a Tuscan Chicken sandwich but yum! Actually knowing that I had the quilt meeting, we had tried to go on Monday instead only to find out it was closed---who knew?--so this worked out much better. On the actual date, even.

I had to laugh at DJ though. The food, even the soup and salad, was a little slow coming out of the kitchen. DJ commented that he had gotten used to me calling him to the table and a plate of food or all the serving dishes were right there in front of him. LOL, it is true because if we have gone out to eat lately, it has been fast food or buffet style. In and out without the waiting to have the order taken, waiting for the food, waiting for the check..........color him spoiled.

So what is on tap for today? Need to get some bills made out and make the post office run in a bit but sewing wise, not sure. I am tempted to do something on my reward list since I did complete that deadline project---January block from Nancy Halvorsen's Calendar Quilts and Stitcheries. I am going to do the applique version, much like I did the "Be Attitudes" from last year. I could quilt though--there are two donation quilts (one is mine) in the closet, after all and a couple of my own things to address. Could get back to the "Cheap Trick" as well but the machine I need for the other two choices is already set up. Okay, following that sense of logic I KNOW I will do the applique block first as I KNOW I will turn around and quilt it after I finish it. Then quilt the other stuff. Yep, a plan is in place. The weather is probably going to be a bit iffy come the weekend so staying inside and quilting is the best bet.

Hope you get to work on something you want to do---------

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