Jan 9, 2010

quilting goals 10 in 2010

For short, 10n10-- I will refer you back to a post I wrote in early November for what this means. This idea had come out of a couple weeks of online chat with my pal Norma concerning how we wanted to stay on track in the coming year. We both admire how our friend Pat stays on track with her lists of of goals and want to keep from straying off target TOO much, LOL.

In this post you will see some of the kits and starts of projects boxed up representing some of my UFOs and PIMs stacked in the closet and shelving that need attention. That is by no means all of them either, a whole hamper full of more, mostly donation quilt stuff and in the TV stand cabinet. I need some focus and this broken down into a more manageable format.

Here is what we basically came up with. We think that there are several areas in our quilting live and we should be able to pick at in any category depending on our mood at the time.

  • UFOs--something you have pretty much abandoned for some reason. The idea is to pull it out and work on it, re-purpose it or give it away/toss it but deal with it in some manner. Those things are like weights pulling you down and quilting should NOT make you feel guilty.
  • finish to flimsy --you may have started the blocks but set them aside and you want to get at least the top done. Maybe your top just needs the borders put on. That's easy enough!
  • quilt/bind--maybe it's pinned or you have to prep the backing and binding. It could be worked on and the quilt completed
  • cutting/kitting -- usually there is something that you need to cut out in order to keep rolling
  • Rewards--what are you "itchin' to stitch"? Finish a UFO or a deadline task then you can pick something from this "fun" list. Norma and I both know we need this to jump start our creativity and give ourselves permission to play.

We tried to pick two items for each category that to focus on thinking that 10 total should be a fairly manageable number for a year's time. Things should cycle through a bit and you can add another item in its place if you want.

On further consideration I decided I needed two more categories for my list writing:
  • donations and deadlines---I do some commissioned work on occasion and always have some quilt, mine or one of the groups' around for WTIL. This would include any challenge quilts I do.
  • ongoing---blocks I make till I have enough for a top, like my red work Santas, for example or my hand quilting on the FAB challenge.

Looks like I could revise my list to include 14 instead since I have 7 categories listed, LOL. Actually I implemented my plan a bit early so you will see some strike outs but that will show the cyclical nature of the plan.

UFOs AKA "dinosaurs" (thx, Pat!)
  • Galactic Twinkle BOM
  • Friendship Stars

Finish to flimsy
  • Strip Twist completed 12/7/09 and on the long arm quilters list for February
  • Two of a Kind/Cheap Trick
  • Daisy Chain---just needs borders applied

  • finish quilting the 30's sampler--6 blocks to go
  • 3 Friends Stack
  • Daisy Chain
  • Sisterhood of Quilter's
  • FAB challenge to gift to Cher (also listed in deadlines)

Rewards--itchin' to stitch:
  • Sisterhood of Quilters flimsy done January 3. 2010
  • Piecemaker Snowman wallhanging
  • Calendar Quilt block for January
Donation and deadline:
  • 4 WTIL tops to quilt (none of my making) 2 done in December, 2 this past week
  • my WTIL BB challenge quilt once pinned
  • FAB challenge to be mailed out by Feb 1
On going projects: no real fluctuation expected for awhile
  • Redwork Santas---5 are complete and working on #6
  • Hand quilting on FAB challenge quilt
  • Triple rail blocks till I have enough for one or more donation tops
There it is in writing. It is official now! Just have to make it happen and I know with Norma's encouragement we will hold each other accountable and also continue to lead each other astray since that is what we do, LOL. Already some links for future projects are being bandied about and "take a look at this one---good for a FAB sewing weekend?"

Because my FAB challenge choice will use a technique I have not used before I need to do some trial pieces on some scrap stuff first. Frankly I need a bit of a break from the machine after 4 days of machine quilting. I need to get some steam a seam 2 if I want to do either of my "rewards" projects, darn it. So I guess, for today and maybe tomorrow, hand work is my project of choice.

Hope you have a good day in whatever you chose to do. Stay warm!

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  1. '10n10' and 'itchin to stitch'~I like them both! Should help you to keep focused! Think I need to make a list from my categories, too...lol


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