Jan 5, 2010

Another finish

No, not a quilt top but part of one, LOL. Actually I had most of this Bird Brain redwork "Here Comes Santa" block done back in August but set it aside. I had been to the point where I wanted to drop back to one strand for the finer work and perle cotton for the heavier detail. At this point 5 of the 12 blocks are completed and a 6th is started---one of my ongoing projects. If you DO click on the link you will see that the pattern also calls for little redwork motifs in the quilts cornerstones.

If you like to do little handwork projects, you might enjoy the freebie on the Bird Brain site, click HERE. This month's motif is a cute little snowman. The previous ones are archived and could certainly be used on something other than tea towels.

It is doubtful that there will be much quilty content for a few days since I am machine quilting when I can keep Skyler from parking on the top, that is. I have two fairly good sized donation tops made by the quilt group to do. I made good progress yesterday and hope to get the first one finished up this afternoon/evening.

I am considering what "reward project" I want to work on once this quilting is done. At some point I will post my top 10 for 2010 in the focus categories I have set up. The object is to hold myself accountable and try to stay on track this year. Also the plan focuses on moving some UFOs forward and includes that "carrot on a stick" reward with something new or fun that I want to do. That is what keeps the creativity flowing, after all!

Lately I don't mind having a quilt on my lap. Cold outside and cold in the house with the furnace trying to keep up. Outside they could probably be talking wind chill. LOL, my mom called the other day from central IL to see what our weather was like as they were at or near zero that day at certain points. 20's, I said but teens and even single digits lows are forecast this week. Even that word "snow" has been bandied about for Thursday/Friday. I know we are not the only ones in the US feeling the artic blast but our average temperatures for this time of year is low 50's. BRRRR quite a drop.

Hope you have a good day--stay warm!


  1. Your redwork are always so cute and inspirining :) can hardly wait to *see* your top ten and the donation quilt!

  2. You are really moving along with the santas! Your stitching is marvelous! Is this #5 now?

    I can hardly wait to see what you have on your list of top 10 projects. I had trouble sticking to just 10 - I ended up with 14. You can count on me to cheer you on with your projects if you promise to keep me to task. LOL It seems to work best when we are there to keep each other going. We have made great progress over the last couple of years using our "method".

    It is windy and cold here now too. I am also grateful for a quilt to put on my lap to keep warm. Nothing nicer than looking around the living room and seeing everyone cuddled under one of my quilted creations!


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