Jan 3, 2010

one flimsy, another near flimsy

Norma and began sewing on our Daisy Chain quilts a week ago Sunday and both of us got our tops up to border stage. She finished almost a full day ahead of me but there was no contest or race involved. I KNOW I sew slower than her so that race would have been lost from the get-go, LOL.

Since I knew I didn't want to tackle borders on the Daisy Chain last night, I put them on the Sisterhood quilt instead. I had pieced it a week ago Saturday and it was just hanging in the sewing room, waiting. I seamed the binding while I was at it but did not press it. It was late, I was tired. Luckily, I can get by with only one fabric width for the backing so it could be pinned.

Norma is auditioning fabrics from her stash for her DC borders and she will wait to proceed. She said she uses her long arm quilt frame to aid in measuring her tops for borders and it is currently occupied. My borders are cut so I could conceivably attach them today--even cut the sleeve fabric if I want to match the borders. (Who knows about backing fabric at this point??) Since my only measuring place for large tops is DJ's master bedroom floor I may wait till our first quilt meeting on the 12th to tackle mine. The floors in the fellowship hall are limitless but they also have rows of tables up to aid in measuring.

I DO need to move on to other projects though. There are still have two donation quilts to tackle and my FAB challenge has a deadline attached--it needs to be in the mail on or before Feb. 1st. After considering several options for a few months, I know what I want to do for Ms. Cher as I have her name this round. Just a matter of executing that decision!

So, I think just for today----hand quilting and avoid bending over the sewing machine.

Norma and I had been talking about making this quilt for some time---March at least but I would be willing to bet it was longer than that, LOL. We find that we work well together in this format----cheering each other on and being a bit accountable. Doesn't matter how many miles separate us between NE central Alabama and her Canadian province we are sewing together as long as we have IM and a digital camera! It looks like Terry Atkinson's Bridge Creek Blossoms will be our next choice unless something else strikes our fancy in between. Knowing the two of us and the limitless patterns in print or online, getting sidetracked is a very real option, LOL.

Thanks for hanging with us as our quilts grew-------


  1. Way to go! Both quilts are looking greaT! :)

  2. Love your daisy chain. That red is a perfect choice.

  3. Your Daisy chain is growing! Really love it!

  4. We made excellent progress on our Daisy Chains! I think we reached a record for time to finish! All we need is the opportunity to add the borders

    The projects we work on together invoke wonderful memories of friends quilting together--a treasure in itself!

    I love your version of Daisy Chain--in particular I love that red fabric! I think it makes the whole top "pop"! I think it is time for a carrot, or reward!


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