Jun 26, 2006

4 to go--till tomorrow

Quilts 4 and 5 were finished up yesterday--4 to go until I pin the other three tops on hand at our meeting tomorrow. 5 quilts in 4 days, not bad.

This is the Bama Belles Pineapple Blossom quilt from blocks we all made as a block of the month earlier this year--February or March, maybe? I had just put on the binding and trimmed it when I took this. Maybe you can see a little better how I set up to quilt on my trusty old Viking. This one counts as one of my UFOs for 06 so I'll do the binding--often the quilts are I work on do NOT but that's okay. I don't do it to cross something off a list in the first place.

#5 is Finn's top and what I am calling "9 patches and bear panels" for my record keeping. I don't have time this morning to go back for her first link. I will put the binding on (black in this case) after I get back from my grocery errands--it being Monday, after all and my usual day to shop.

Not sure that the quilting will show up very well but I did some free motion outlining around the bears in the panels to get them to pop the motif and lay down the remaining part of ther block. My initial plan was to quilt till the thunderstorms got closer or 8 p.m., whichever came first. Well, the storms didn't come and by 8 I was in a bit of a groove with the darning foot so just kept plugging to get the last few blocks done. Don't look too close, LOL. I don't have any toenail catchers but it is a little tighter in stitch length if I want to critique my abilities in this department. Like Pam says, It is what it is---done. Okay, almost done---the label and the binding, yeah, yeah, yeah. Think I'll do the Friendship Star chains today.

Nothing else to report--all I did is listen to "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" archived show, listen/watch "Dirty Dancing" for the zillionth time because there was nothing else on I cared to watch, cook and eat supper (pecan waffles though a good recipe I better not misplace for next time) At some point today I will need to get the block of the month stuff together for the meeting and pack up the car. SO off to really get this day started----- Posted by Picasa


  1. Linda, I hit your blog and was re-reading yesterday post...hit you link to Finn's and re-read her April blogs and then came back to find you posted today's! Good timing!

    You do get some quilting done when you are on a roll!! I started pinning yesterday and ran out of pins!ARG!!So i'm off to pick some up!

    Love the Pinapples! They are a favorite block of mine. I just bought a whole new book with Pineapples!

  2. High five ****** more done!

    How many do you need all together for WTIL? How many do you have completed so far?


  3. Your quilts are georgous. Love anything done scrapy. Keep up the good work.
    I think my DH has comments just like yours..typical!

  4. just moting along.... way to go!

  5. Linda: What a gift you have! This is beautiful work!!!! I enjoy looking at each quilt.

  6. Hi Linda, gosh you have 2 more done?? Pretty amazing when you get "in the zone"...LOL You've made both of them look fantastic..*VBS*
    I've finished up bordering for now, and am working on some of the Whatever Blocks. I thought I had made 20 centers, but find I only have 12...wonder what I was thinking..LOL

  7. Linda,
    You are on a ROLL!!! Great job! Keep up the great work!

  8. wow, your quilting is getting quicker every time-and that nine patch/bear panel is adorable! Great job Linda!

  9. What a huge # of quilts in a short time! Wow. The pineapple blossoms look fantastic!

  10. I love seeing all the different variations of that Pineapple Blossom pattern - a really great scrap buster! And - wow! That is alot of quilts in a short time. 9 patch and bears - kids love novelties!



  11. Fabulous your quiltses, Linda :))) I love a lot the "9 patches with bears"

  12. Linda - do you ever sleep ? ;-)) You do wonderful work. I bet WTIL is very proud of you ! The pineapple quilt is my favourite.


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