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Good morning---figured I better post before I get back to quilting. We have already walked for the day so that's out of the way and the whole day stretches out ahead of me.

I already know that I am not going to reach my June goals--my part of the round robin will have to wait till after a fabric purchase tomorrow. My SIL's wallhanging got set aside because of all the WTIL tops--deadline is September but I sure don't want to wait that long--next month, Jan, I promise.

I finished up the quilting on Friendship Star with alternating chain blocks yesterday and got part of the blocks locked in on Jeanne's Project Spectrum: Yellow before I finished up for the evening. I will most likely get it finished today and possibly start on her retro pink and black but will STILL fall short. I know, I know, I always have more listed than I possibly can get done--but two quilts short on the WTIL is still pretty darned good, IMHO.

Since I don't have any pictures of what I have been doing, how about some more from the quilt group? The one at left (or maybe above--won't know till I edit this) is one that Sarah made. She is not one to let us throw anything away if she thinks there is some use for the littlest bit of it. She can find a use for our orphaned blocks, backing cutaways, whatever though it might take her awhile to find the spot for it. It is fun though because I see bits of things we have done as a group. The Puss in the Corner blocks, Bowties, Faux Log Cabins, Mom's Stack and Whack butterfly at center---crazy patched bits, some preprinted panels that were in my stash and leftover from something Theramae tackled. I've got an idea of where that dresden plate section MIGHT have come from but will have to ask her. Mile a Minute to the max!!

Next two:
The Chicken quilt uses a block of the month choice that we were doing in a row form. Theramae decided that she didn't really want chickens in her personal quilt so she used them for this top. (Country Threads inspired). The Dresden Plate is Carolyn's. My frequent readers may recall that Carolyn won the blocks at the JOY quilt group raffle several months back. As she was working on her blocks, she had told herself she would make a quilt for the Girl's Ranch should she happen to win that month. That is precisely what happened. Both turned out well!

I will pass on your wonderful comments about the number of quilts we have made and will donate soon to the group. No way, no how did this many quilts get finished or near finished without their help. I only head up the group and try to do my part. Your comments come to me because I am the one with the blog yakking about it and showing pictures of some of our efforts. I really should find out just how many quilts we have made and donated since 2000. That includes all the ones my profilic mother has made too--she works rings around me, let me tell you!--but it was close to 1100 a year or so ago. That might be bragging but what do they say--if you have the stats to back you up, you have the right to do so? (EDITED NOTE: 1356 quilts--not including what I have on the document for this year which is currently at 103 so who know where that will end up by years end--now that is a lot of quilts!! )

Well, no quilting getting done while pecking at the keyboard---imagine that, LOL Posted by Picasa


  1. That is a LOT Of quilts and such a good project.
    The chicken quilt is darling!

    Keep up the good work

  2. Well done. Waste not, want not!! :) Love the chickens particularly.

  3. I love the "orphan blocks etc." quilt. It seems so bright and cheery.

  4. I love seeing Jeanne's quilts coming to you :-) Makes the world seem smaller.

  5. Hi Linda, just me and my super, super slow computer. The quilts you show today are wonderful..in so many ways!! Planned, re-purposed, changed plans, it doesn't matter, they are all just lovely, and will be truly treasured by some child or young person. One of the nicest things in life is to get a gift you weren't expecting..*VBS* I suspect many times more special for these particular kids. I'm proud to be helping.
    I didn't remember that you take orphan blocks..but will tie a string around my finger..some of us do LOVE a challenge. Great job by ALL of you gals!! Hugs, Finn

  6. 1356 + people hugged by your quilts - that is a lot of people :-) Lovely quilts you are showing us today.

  7. A very impressive number of completed quilts!

  8. What a resourceful and industrious group you belong to. The quilts are terrific.

  9. Well I think you, your mom and all the ladies are doing a wonderful job making something for these kids that given with nothing expected in return!

    The quilts are great! As usual, and if you get HALF of what's listed on your supersized list, it's still more than most of get done!!

    I just have to learn to do without sleep!!

  10. I love looking at the Belle quilts. This morning I finished top 422. That is since I began in Jan. '06. See what you got me into? lol Although at first Joy and you did the quilting, you gave me good instructions and since that sew in I've guilted nearly all the rest. I am proud to be included as a Bama Belle and add my sometimes puny efforts to an auxillary group. It sometimes get lonely doing it all alone but it keeps me busy and out of trouble.

  11. oops---I may be speedy but not that fast. I should have said I began in Jan. 2000. Sorry.

  12. I love your Friendship Star quilt and would love to see it again as quilted.

    Congratulations to you and your group for all the quilts given away.

  13. well, good to keep records and you all should be really proud of your efforts! so many quilts for so many needing babies/children-hip, hip, hurray!!!

  14. Wow, that is alot of quilts!!!

  15. Great job on all those quilts. I'm catching up on my blog reading and yours made me tired! :) Your group sounds like a wonderful, caring group to make so many quilts for the children.


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