Jun 2, 2006

day off?

When I last posted, I was headed back to bed. DJ kindly had left the house about the time I hit the publish button. I must have fallen asleep at some point because the next thing I knew, it was 1030 and he was home from his errands. A couple of my friends who were looking for me at the meeting called to check in later in the day--just told them I needed some R & R, which was entirely true.

The paperwork didn't get done and my bedroom did not get straightened up but who really cares? Not me, obviously or I would have taken care of it. But by afternoon, I was tired of goofing off and was itching to stitch. AHA, all my readers are probably saying---knew she couldn't stay away from that sewing machine long.

I've already spent a fun filled morning mopping the kitchen floor. I told DJ yesterday if he would sweep and vacuum in preparation, I would take care of it. LOL, what was I thinking? For that matter, what were they thinking when they put vinyl down with little indentations and a white background? I would love to throttle the goofball that attempted to wax the no wax flooring while I am at it. Those gray bubbles will NOT come up.
I think I will need to own stock in Magic Erasers for this floor to look really good but it is a whole lot better that it was. Enough cleaning for me for one day! I've got a project to work on!

I told Cher when we were chatting yesterday that I was going to do something "just for me" before I start on the June goal tops that I intend to assemble. What sprung to mind is my Pioneer Sampler done in my beloved 30's repros that I had done with several of my friends as a BOM in a nearby town. The shop owner was Eleanor Burns trained and of course, had a lot of her books, notions. We did the original blocks in '04 but I knew that I wanted my quilt to be much bigger and did enough blocks for a 5 x 6 set sometime in '05 with a couple of spares that will not "make the cut". Not enough to have a 30's collection--you gotta use some of it too! If I didn't like what they had, I used my stash. I didn't miss a meeting so the first 12 blocks technically didn't cost me but $5 but you know that we always do shopping while there. Sadly, the shop closed last year.

My mind sprung to the "just for me" fabric that Finn sent me last week. I wanted to replace that Dresden Plate block that wound up in the JOY block raffle that Carolyn won. That was how I would spend my afternoon. I took the last stitch in the buttonhole (blanket) stitching I did at the stroke of midnight---that nap, you see had me really burning the midnight oil again. The blue with ducks and the sweet little yellow are two of the fabrics that Finn sent. Since I will be stitching on sashing and borders for a few days, I'll post pictures of the blocks for you to see up a little closer-- IF blogger will cooperate that is.
Isn't it just as aggravating as tar when blogger says it is done uploading but there is nothing there--good to have a fall back position. The postage stamp basket is NOT 30's repro fabric but sure looks like it plus I worked pretty hard on doing that applique so it's staying, LOL. The Log Cabin Basket is the block we used for the WTIL raffle quilt but I wanted to include one done in this palette for my quilt---I did win 12 blocks in the participants drawing and will make one in pastels at some point. Wheels? Ellen had a bunch of these blocks when she came to sew with us at the Spring Sew In in 2002. Just like the block.

The next picture--who knows where it is going to land on the page? I had made a fun kids quilt with Cyclone or Whirling Geese block some time back but also shared with the Belles how to make the flying geese units along with the no waste version shown on Patchpieces--four at once. The Shooting Star was a block we used for our own BOM and the Old Favorite? Jan. 24 on my 365 Quilt blocks perpetual calendar. Hope of Hartford, an old favorite. Cher might recognize some her of her fabric, not only in the Hope blocks but others. Thanks again my friend--not your cup of tea but sure is mine!

Here and There is a favorite that Mom got me started with by cutting up some kits a few years back. If you look far enough back in the gallery pages on WTIL you will see some that she made or the Belles and I did. (First seen at a Hands Around Quilt show in Bloomington, IL and the subject of much speculation on just how that was pieced. ) Card Tricks was started for a JOY quilt demo. 3D bowties-- just because they are so much fun. Box Star came from the Quilter's Cache pages. I hated the first one I did as the colors were just not right. This one came out much better.

Okay that is it for today's sharing. I'll post more tomorrow.


  1. So glad you did something for YOU yesterday Linda!! The blocks look wonderful, and I was happyt to see the blue and yellow fit right in with your fabrics..*VBS*

    It's going to be an awesome quilt..can't wait to see it together...Hugs, Finn

  2. Those blocks look lovely!

    You have more patience than me when it comes to cleaning floors- I admire you!

  3. nice collection of blocks LJ! I see many familiar ones and a few new to me ones...great variety of colors too. This is going to make a very pretty quilt for you.

  4. Wow..I'm so glad i stopped back, there was more to the post than when I commented...LOL

    They are all really spectacular blocks Linda, and it's so nice that you have the memories of the donors of fabric and when and for what others were made..I love it!

    Best sampler I've seen in a long time!!

  5. Love ALL those blocks but my two favorites are the log cabin basket and the postage stamp basket--something so sweet about both of those. Great job!


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