Oct 21, 2007

lazy Sunday

Another day of not a lot going on---I guess with both of us "retired" and homebodies it just isn't going to be a thrill a minute in the first place. I shouldn't expect it to be otherwise, LOL. Our weather turned fall like again for a few days with mornings in the mid 40's and afternoons up to the mid 70's. Lovely weather really. They think we are in for some rain tomorrow though--cross your fingers that it materializes. This morning I was dressed in a sweatshirt and long pants trying to keep warm. Tomorrow morning, it is supposed to be in the 60's again at 6 a.m.--I'll be back in my summer walking outfit trying not to get overheated. Make up your mind--which season is it? *VBG*

Thursday I did go on the trip to the Collinsville (AL) quilt shop taking a couple of the Belles along with me as part of the carpool trip. Three other vehicles left from Calhoun County but we took a slightly different route up. By the time we arrived the others were already standing in line with bolts in their hands waiting to be cut.

Here is what followed me home. A couple of flat folds yards--the soft green, pink chopsticks and two yellows. Actually I had bought the calico yellow before and used most all of it on a quilt back--and wanted some more. The black and white gingham was needed for the commissioned t-shirt quilt I will be making at some point. And lastly, I love that blue and yellow print and took the 6.5 yards left on the bolt. It is on the back of the quilt I am handquilting and is so soft and quilts like a dream. I think my purchases totalled about 17 yards and I didn't find that Christmas fabric I have been drooling over in the shop so that's all the stash enhancement for this trip.
Our group of 16 had a yummy lunch at Nessa's. Because the menu is always set by Nessa (no ordering off a menu) I was a little indulgent but ditched the croissant on the sandwich since I knew I was eating dessert regardless--Italian Cream Cake.

Because the room had cleared out a bit once lunch was done, several of the girls stopped to see if there was anything they may have missed. Actually, earlier the group was at the point that once something was cut, the one standing around the large cutting table held up the bolt and asked if anyone wanted some yardage off it before it was put back on the display tables---like shopping from someone else's stack.

We took an unintentional scenic route on the way back. Some fall colors emerging though it is a little early for that here and the weather persons have told us not to expect much of it with the very dry year we are having. The road out of Centre looked sort of familiar but I apparently went too far back to the west but figured we would hit the route we needed if I turned back to the south eventually. I didn't have my Alabama map with me and unlike the other vehicle, no GPS either. Jane called her husband to see if we were on the right track--we were not lost. Soon we were in the county just north of us and then hit a little map dot with a service station. Jane ran in and got directions. Turns out we were about a quarter mile away from a road that took us further south and to the route we needed. I think we all 3 breathed a sigh of relief when we were back in our own county though. Oddly, we got back 30 minutes before the other vehicle did and they left BEFORE us. It would not have mattered but Jane's mom was in the other one and Jane was her ride home.

This is what was waiting for me when I got home. My mom had been to the Bloomington (IL) Hancock's looking around and some of the fabrics were marked down to $1/yd. She got some more fabrics for quilt backs or sewing purposes for the Belles. Nice and bright and pretty kid friendly, right? As I was taking pictures for this post, guess who could not resist the emptied out shopping bag? She stayed in there for well over an hour!

Friday I did get some sewing done---I was able to get 32 more 4 patch posie blocks made for a total of 64-5 inch unfinished blocks. What fun those are! Looking at for cut squares and seeing a different little mirror image emerge is like a little mystery is solved as you work. Yesterday I started on the narrow sashing though I take turns like and then not liking the color I selected. While I love the technique and the pattern idea ( a simple variation of a stack and whack), I do not particularly like looking at the pattern itself. So much verbiage that it about makes my eyes roll back in my head wading through it. Being more a visual learner I probably would be better off with some pictures than all those words. You know, I don't think that I ever did see how wide to cut the narrow sashing---I asked Norma and looked back on her September blog archives. The link will take you back to her first one--she also has one in pumpkin fabrics later in the month.
Saturday morning we were off to a pancake/sausage breakfast after I got my walking in. Jane's husband's was involved in it as a fund raiser for his lodge and she gave me two tickets. I sewed through one side of that sashing on all the blocks between chatting, hands of solitaire and watching a bunch of programs I had recorded on the DVR for later viewing.
Today, I was toying with the idea of handquilting a bit again---I said that I could finish it in a month of Sunday's and this is Sunday after all. Didn't happen but that's okay. Researching a few things on the computer, more hands of solitaire, read for awhile, just generally taking it easy. Doesn't make for an exciting, thrill a minute post but that's how life goes at least around here.....................


  1. What a fun narrative of your day(s)! and I love the sweetie kitty in the shopping bag. Adorable!

  2. I too am retired and a homebody but love to get out once in awhile. My favorite outing is going to quilt shop and just driving taking in the sights.

    Great fabrics and photo of your cats. Kids and Cats love empty shopping bags and have so much fun with them.

  3. Looks like your mom got some great bargins at Hancocks. And to think they throw in a free cat 'hidey hole' with every purchase!! That picture is too cute :)

  4. I love the yellow with circles fabric you picked up and your mom did a great job choosing fabrics too!

  5. Sounds like a perfect day/time to me! Lots of fun things to report. And, $1 a yard!!! Last week I went to a quilt shop and everything was $14 per yard so I didn't get anything - I need a maroon border fabric. I used to have a cat (she lived for 14 years) and she just loved an empty brown paper bag - would entertain her for hours!



  6. Hi Linda, what a fun outing! The fabric is quite fetching and will surely get put to good use, as always *VBS*.
    Love the quilt you are doing the hand quilting on..and I do thank you for the lovely comment about handquilting. The number of us that do, some, or any, sure is limited.
    It remains a special 'thing' to me...even with having to do the big stitch kind.
    Pippi looks so adorable in all those pics *VBS* Great job on the walking and the weight loss, it's hard work and you are doing wonderfully! Hugs, Finn

  7. Love the shopping bag kitty. It sounds like a lovely Sunday afternoon. When you are retired, you don't have to rush, right?

  8. Isn't it just amazing what follows us home?? Enjoy!



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