Oct 4, 2007

no motivation

It is one of those week's where I am just not motivated to sew but I guess that is what happens when there is no deadline staring me in the face. I did stitch up a pile of Puss in the Corner blocks but it took me three days to get a simple strip pieced 35 blocks done. Not stitched together but the picture clipped to the basket is the EQ version of what it might look like when complete. The fabric was in a box of challenge scraps from Ellen which also included several pieces of yardage to make WTIL quilts--Michael Miller cats on scooters.

The turkey? Well, that is one that occured to me earlier in the week long AFTER I posted all the fall/Thankgiving quilt block ideas HERE. However, it is NOT one in the public domain but rather included in Country Threads Quilt Shop series copyright 1992 from Connie Tesene and Mary Tendall. I drew it up in EQ since it can be foundation pieced if I eliminated a few lines, should I decide to use it for the row quilt I will work on sometime in this next time 6 week timespan. (The color is not right in the photo though. I think it is the fluorescent bulbs in here). Not saying I will use it-- just letting it "grow" on me. I've already made the fall wall hanging this was included in year's ago (so did Patti) and posted it somewhere here in my archives too. Only one of the 3 turkeys in the wallhanging have bottom feathers going the right direction, LOL. I would have to do better on the 2nd go, LOL, if I do decide to use it.

In this picture at right, Miss Pippi is on her "usual" spot on my bed but sitting at attention when I snapped this shot. She had just heard a noisy truck going by on our little lane and considered leaving in case he was coming to see her. You see, the neighbor up and across the lane had dug out a big hole in the earth around his foundation some months back. He also knocked out part of the foundation blocks leaving a giant gaping hole under the old farm house. DJ and I were guessing that perhaps they planned on using it as a garage or moving his wife's beauty shop into that area but who knew? Things must have slowed down in his professional work (self employed concrete finisher) that he could finally get some work done at home. He has put in a door, window and is filling in the rest of the space with concrete blocks. The big truck was dropping off a load of gravel so the concrete mixer may be next. He's out driving around on an endloader(?) now. Whatever happened to that quiet neighborhood we used to live in?

I spent most of the morning today walking and then sitting in the doctor's office. They don't make appointments so it is "first come, first served" I waited about an hour to get called to check in and get my lab drawn. The another hour or so to see first the nurse practioner and then the MD. By the time I dropped off my scripts there went the morning. I read about 150 pages of my library book in that time span. Next week I get to do the same thing with Miss Pippi when she goes for repeat lab workup only then, I won't be fasting for almost 18 hours by the time I get the heck out of there. Get the picture about not liking to just sit and be patient???

I just got an email from someone who would like me to make her a t-shirt quilt. She saw the one I did for the Donoho raffle last spring and one of the Belles gave her my contact information. I may do it---mulling it over. The girl who quilted the others just moved up to Tennessee though----hmmmmm. I'll email her to get the particulars and then decide. The donation quilt work has slowed down so it is more a matter of do I want to take it on.

We had a few tantalizing nights of cooler weather but it is feeling more like summer again---mid 60's at 6 a.m. instead of high 40's or low 50's. It has been quite overcast and very muggy the last two days but only sprinkles of rain have come of it at our house. Yesterday DJ took my car to the car wash and then waxed it so if that doesn't bring on the rain, then I don't know what will. Oh, it is race weekend at Talledega that might do it. Or the little country fair (more like what we call a carnival in Illinois) is going on this weekend too. That might bring it on. Know any rain dances?? DJ said he would like to have rain fill up our lakes and reserviors but he doesn't want to have to mow anymore this year. LOL, don't think you can have it both ways. I have heard this called a "100 years drought" where the farmers have not been able to grow enough hay to feed their livestock and have to purchase it or sell the livestock earlier than planned or take a loss on feeding them. The farm ponds are drying up and apparently there is not necessarily a system in place to irrigate like the western states HAVE to do. Made me wonder how Walmart could just set hay bales out to decorate for fall on the store exterior when the livestock needed it for survival, not esthetics.

Guess that's it for now----ah, here comes a bit of rain after all! If it will last........


  1. Pippi is just so cute. Thinking about getting a kitten - just wary of doing it before I go away for a month in December. Taking an Astrid Lindgren class here - have always thought Pippi would make a cute cat name! My cat in the US (now with my mom) is named Flicka, which means girl in Swedish. Love that bow-tie quilt, too.

  2. I like the turkey!! I can see him enlarged enough to make a wallhanging in my kitchen...too cute.

    Motivation: girl you are the most motivated person I know...taking a break or going a bit slower you are still far more motivated than most (ie: Pam)


  3. I love that Country Threads book - borrowed it once from my guild library - decided it was a touch above my skill level at the time. I should try to borrow it again. I'm still paper piecing challenged but I think I can muddle through it these days *s*

  4. Oh, I remember that turkey! I liked him last year, too :)

  5. I love the quilt Pippi is on, and she looks adorable on it, too.

  6. I hope your rain is lasting! I just can't imagine going months without rain and having everything dry out. I think the most we've ever gone here without rain is somewhere between 30 and 50 days. People here complain a lot about the rain, but I love it!

    I love that turkey by Country Threads. I never would have thought of paper piecing it. I think it would make a great addition to a round robin. In fact, I think I made one for a RR years ago. Then again, maybe I'm just dreaming that up LOL!

  7. Your turkey looks good and the photo of Pippi is adoreable.

    You can have our rain if you want - here it has been raining more than sunny through the summer and until now. We have night frost now, so I guess snow is not that far away either. Rainy days are good for sewing though, but not for aching joints.

  8. Funny but getting back from Mom's on Friday night, I haven't been driven to work this weekend either. I did a fabric postcard but have enjoyed the break! I have some errands to do tomorrow but will have to think about getting back to work in the next day or so.

    The weather was definitely warm here the last two days too but cooler weather is on the way tomorrow - I can't wait.

  9. LOVE the kitty on the bow ties! A great picture, thanks for sharing.

  10. Just give me a "ship to" address and the rain will be on its way! I would be more than happy to send it down your way! Our weather has been cool and wet--with a hint of snow on the mountains.

    Pippi is looking perky. All the lab work is worth it--keep telling yourself that as you sit and patiently wait for results. I know sitting still and waiting can be taxing--when you would rather be quilting!

  11. The turkey is great! I can't wait to get my turkey quilt out this year! I finished it last spring so it is all ready for this year! And Miss Pippi is adorable!


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