Oct 11, 2007

still in a sewing slump

My sewing slump continues though I did piece one day this week on my ancient friendship star top once I decided to make it two blocks wider. That meant some redrawing in EQ since I am piecing in 6 inch stars in the sashing. Some of these blocks were signed and dated 99-00 so that gives you some idea just how old a UFO I've got here. BUT there are some that are even older.........all personal projects. Yeah, I seldom work on those so no wonder. I am ashamed to say how many hours I spent playing cards yesterday and today for that matter. Other than taking care of few things around the house I am just wasting time. Maybe that is only natural after keeping my nose to the grindstone for months but I need to find some direction or set some goals in order not feel like a "slug"

Since I have nothing completed to share with you, here are a couple of the finished up donation quilts instead. All the ones that I quilted in a big hurry last month coming back with the binding done. Deja vu on a couple of them but I'll just pick a few of them. Above, Cross Roads to Jericho--the other half of Nancy's donated blocks. I did the assembly and quilting on this one.

The string quilt is one that Theramae made and quilted. She cut the squares to finish at 6 inches. I really like these smaller ones better, I think. Fun to see bits and pieces from our previous projects in there. That ubiquitous blue cobblestone kit fabric for one but backing cut aways and such too.

Simple Snuggle Up type quilt that Marilyn whipped up and I quilted.

There were not many of us at the meeting and one of the members became ill. I did not think she should drive home after an episode she had so I drove her home in her car and got a ride back. Sarah pitched in a sewed the binding bits together while Jane, Judy and I got a total of 8 tops pinned. The fall sew-in is scheduled for the last Monday and Tuesday of the month so I hope we have more participants. I am thinking we will gang piece some rail blocks for some group quilts this time. Easy enough to do.

This last one will be headed your way, Pam, with some of the others that Mom pieced and I am going to quilt up for the Mexico project. Jane pieced and quilted it. Judy and I were complimenting her on the curved corners--suitably impressed--but she said it was out of necessity. We said that next time just let us go on thinking she planned it that way, LOL. I love the warm colors in this one and I bet a young man will too.

Pippi must have known she had to go into the vets for lab tests this week and stayed under the bed till I gave up on her---I swear she did not see the cat carrier awaiting her but who knows? Yesterday she stayed where I could get at her but her reports show she is holding her own. The numbers, while elevated, show no real change in the last 3 months reading so she has apparently adapted to the renal insufficiency and that is just what those lab values are going to be. Her weight is the same as well. Unless she starts acting funky, not eating, not drinking again like she did back in June, we don't have to go back till after the first of the year.

Think I will do a little hand quilting. The weather has cooled off considerably so I won't mind having the quilt on my lap. I think it was 46 when I left to walk this morning . I did several laps pretty fast just trying to keep warm. I don't think it has hit 70 yet but I love it. The house has finally cooled down to something reasonable for a change and is down from the 78 to 82 that it often is in our extended summers. (The a/c is set at 77 when it does run so it is never what I would call cool in here---same old story there) I think DJ is a little chilled though. There is a bit of a breeze blowing and he shut the living room door. The only reason a window is open out that way is that he had to take it in to have the glass replaced.

Hope you are enjoying your day in whatever you chose to do-------


  1. Hand quilting . . . for me, even in a slump is something I always enjoy. I agree that it's much easier when the weather cools. These days I try to keep a smallish project ready for the hot days so I don't have to roast *s*

  2. Linda, I'm enjoying a bit of a break too. I've gone listless this week and just puttered about here and there. It's nice for a change not to be working at full speed trying to get everything done.

    I've made some postcards and worked some on my doll quilt. I even did some cleaning and some laundry today.

  3. Love the boy-ish quilt from Elsie. Seems like the girlie quilts always outnumber the boy quilts so I am always thrilled to get something that will be for a boy. It will be nice to see the numbers start dropping, I do have a few here that have not been counted.

    You might have been in a slump but I have been kicking fanny and almost have that 3rd top done. When Lauri calls I will be ready!!


  4. Thanks for the quilt show. It was a great way to start my day!

  5. Love the quilt pics - especially the Crossroads to Jericho and the string quilt - nice to see strings with uneven widths. I think I like the smaller size better too.

  6. Excellent news about Pippi! All the quilts turned out fabulously. Sorry to hear you are still in a slump. A break away from quilting for a while is not such a bad thing--you were pushing pretty hard there for a while!

  7. Hi Linda, a well deserved slump and card playing time I would say!!! After the marathon sewing and quilting and binding 'high' you have been on for months and months?? Definitely...time to slow down and smell the flowers for a bit.
    I know you will come bursting out of the gate again before long *VBS*
    Glad to hear Pippi's numbers are good...that renal stuff, always a worry! Ebby's doing well also, not as slim as she should be, but making progress. I've noticed her 'coat' seems more dense than previously and I wonder if it's in response to my not-so-hot house, or if we are in for more winter than I realized...time will tell.
    Love the quilts you show in this post...can't help but love those scrappy ones *VBS* Take care of you girl! Hugs, Finn

  8. I think a bunch of us are having slumps! You sit and do nothing then wonder where the whole day went?? My fog is lifting, so hope yours lifts soon too. Glad that Pippi is doing well and holding her own. Good girl!


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