Oct 17, 2007

not much going on

Really not a whole lot happening here. I have been mainly hand quilting this past week. Here is what the quilt looks like so far BUT I am only doing the heart motifs in the alternating blocks by hand; the rest was quilted on the machine and I already did the binding once that crosshatching was done. Two more blocks to go but my arthritic-y wrists and my "poked too many times fingers " are begging me to set this aside for a few days. After I finished some of the accent lines on block number 5 a little bit ago, I listened. BUT as soon as this is done and its picture is taken, it can be delivered down to the Presbyterian Children's Home In Talledega along with 15 others that are piled up in the bedroom and closet. A little reduction in clutter would help.

Other than turning on the machine this morning to fix the worn out in seam on a pair of pants I wanted to wear, I have not had the sewing machine for a week or more. Now that is a slump. Here is what I intended to work on---and truth be told, most of this was done last fall except for adding a couple more blocks on the left side of the row. As I said in my last post, I am piecing friendship stars into the sashing that are the same size as the signed blocks. I think it will be a nice remembrance quilt of the people who made the blocks if I ever get it done. Also I am using bits of fabrics that were gifts from quilting friends and/or using my stash fabrics in the sashing so it will be more scrappy. BUT and you know there had to be a "but", I really do not feel like working on it, ancient UFO and on my long neglected personal project Top 10 or not. Not gonna happen right now. Too much pin matching and having to pay attention to what is going on all around the block. Some days I would be up for that but when I need to get my sewing mojo back, this is not the project that will do the trick. I'm putting it up as well.

So how about getting back to something fun? 4 patch posie, it is. I started working with this pattern along with Norma in September but then got stalled out because I needed something for sashing in two contrasting colors. Actually. the piece of fabric I used to trial the technique was too short and I could only get 7 cuts made--eight would have been better. I found some more of the floral fabric at the Quilter's Yard Sale last month so I will be able to make some more blocks. Also got lucky and found the darker of the two sashing fabrics. My mom sent something that I can use for the lighter color sashing so it looks like I am "good to go".

I got a notice in the mail that A Time 2 Sew is having another Quilter's Yard Sale tomorrow. (Yard cuts for $2.50 and I assume that they are cutting yardage for the same price for one yard and more as they have done in the past.) One of the Belles called me about something else and asked if I planned on going. I was toying with it at that point and said so. Turns out the JOY quilt group is car pooling up there and were asking for volunteer drivers. I'm not a member anymore but would have room in the car after I pick up Fleeta so why not? I don't really need anything but if I find some of the fabric I used on the back on the quilt above, then I am getting some. Also Nessa is serving a quilter's luncheon for us. Girls Day Out, what's bad about that?

Pippi hairing up DJ's desk chair--her "new" old spot for napping and sometimes lately, nightly sleeping. Always something different with her.

Other than that I am making a more concerted effort to improve my health situation. I have been walking at least 5 days out of 7 since March but my triglycerides are still up even though the rest of my lab work is in normal limits with the current medication regime. I do NOT want to take an additional expensive statin if I can help it and the MD gave me 3 months to see if there is any improvement with what I am committed to doing. I do NOT want to say that I am on a "diet" but I am trying to be more aware of what I am consuming and cutting back a bit more than I had been doing. After all, I have a husband who needs to gain some weight--yeah, we look like Jack Sprat and his chubby wife---so I cannot make things too low cal as he doesn't get that he is supposed to eat MORE of it. Forget suggesting that the serving size for something is anything remotely what he IS eating. Anyway, currently I am walking 2.5 miles or 2.8 if I get really ambitious at about a 3, 3.5 mph rate and shooting for 6 days out of 7. On days like tomorrow where I have to be somewhere early, I take off but otherwise, I'm going. DJ says I am overdoing it and is afraid that I am going to booger up my feet or legs. Not trying to sabotage me, just concerned plus he thinks if they say 30 minutes minimum that is all that you need to do. Maybe some muscle strengthening should be added but I'm walking, honey.

Additionally, I am keeping a food and exercise journal so that means writing up the recipes in my cooking software to have some idea of the nutritional analysis for what I prepare so that it can be added to the software journal. It is a bit time consuming but makes it easier to see where improvements should be made. I have lost 26 lbs in the last 7 months and know that this is a long process---the weight didn't go on overnight and it sure as heck is NOT coming off any way but slow and hopefully, steady.

Guess that's it for today---our evening meal is a bit labor intensive so I'm headed out to the kitchen. DJ wanted me to give him a haircut but he always bathes at 4:30 and I'm busy with meal prep---I told him it can wait till later in the week or earlier this afternoon. As hide bound as he is to a schedule, that didn't happen, LOL, not that I thought it would............


  1. I'm proud of you girlfriend!! Keep at it, you've accomplished a lot since March...creating and sticking with a routine is a huge hurdle, you've done that and it is paying off.


  2. That quilt looks great on your bed--too bad it isn't going to stay there! Keep up the good work on the lifestyle changes. I have also been trying to make more positive changes to what I am eating and trying to walk more. It isn't easy!

  3. Good for you - the walking and watching what you eat. I did so well last year and then with the move I walk more around town but definitely less miles than I was doing and with not cooking much at all....lets just say I'm not being as good about what I eat either!

  4. Wouldn't it be great if sweets and quilting were the path to good health? Sounds like you have all the right ideas and are implementing them properly. Hang in there . . .

  5. Such a pretty quilt on the bed! I know what you mean about those darn slumps! They seem to hang around, don't they?

  6. Gosh Linda, your hand quilting is just wonderful. It looks just lovely there on the bed. You know, I'd find it really hard to give away a quilt that I'd hand quilted, you're truly quite a woman!

  7. I too am very proud of your dedication to guarding your health-it is those baby steps each day that will gain you the rewards...way to go!


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