Oct 26, 2007

Checking in on a Friday

Well, another week has just about come and gone. Next thing you know we will be changing the clocks back to standard time and it will be Thanksgiving here in the States and Christmas soon to follow and on to '08.

Finn asked in a recent post if we "loved the stitches" Oh, I do--whether I am machine quilting or hand quilting but I love hand quilting the best. Always have. I guess Ms. Pippi doesn't care one way or the other just as long as she can test out the quilts. I was nearing the finish of the quilt and she was bound and determined to get up on the quilt hoop---twice that evening, as a matter of fact. Finally I just gave up for the night and once she left, folded it up with the backing facing out and let her have it for her night time sleep spot. BIG mistake. For the first time in months she had pukers. Naturally it hit the quilt--"Murphy's Law". I removed the solid matter and rubbed a laundry stain product all over it. It was on the back of one of the pieced blocks and nothing showed through to the front side so I hoped for the best as I had one more blocks to quilt. Naturally the block I needed to do was located right near the "anointed" spot. BUT I took the last stitch in it just before supper yesterday and it hit the laundry. Thank heavens it all came out. DJ said that if it didn't, I might have another quilt for my own (or Pippi's own) I did put a bit a time into the process but that was NOT the intended purpose when Nancy sent the BOM on to my quilt group to use for our donation quilts. You have seen it in previous posts but I'll get its official portrait next week at the fall sew-in.

Other than that, the only other quilty thing that got done this week is removing the lone strip I had sewn on my 4 patch stacked posie blocks. The color I used just was not "doing it" for me so I ordered a Moda Marble in "Pine" that I like much, much better even with the blocks that have a lot of green from the floral print. I know I will be much happier for having done this as I believe this one IS staying at my house or possibly one of my nieces at some point.

I am about ready to start my row robin blocks---it is not due to be sent out till the middle of November and I am determined not to leave it all till the last minute this time. I decided to go with a foundation pieced block and need 6 of them. Kim may read my blog so I can't say which block I ultimately chose but I am looking forward to some sewing time.

We have had a cold snap the last few days again--it is almost November so that should be expected. Last night for some reason I just could not get warmed up--getting sick or something?? More like a case of role reversal as he was warm enough and I was cold. I put two quilts on the bed and had on my winter pjs but was still cold. We had not turned the heat on yet as the indoor temp was about where we would set the furnace anyway. When I turned on the heat, the thermostat started smoking!! DJ checked it and vacuumed out the dust and darned if it didn't do the same thing again! The a/c side of the thermostat was okay but the heat side, smokin'. A third quilt on the bed finally did the trick and of course, by morning I was down to one, LOL.

But what to do about getting this fixed? DJ could replace the thermostat himself but didn't know if that was a good idea if it was just going to act like it shorted out again if the problem was further down the line. Since he was not sure which direction to proceed with repairs, he stopped by the a/c-heating guy's office to see what they thought might be the problem. They came out soon after and golf was out for the day. Varmits (their word) had chewed through the wire outside. Sheesh, first the fire ants shorted out the a/c this summer and now varmits did in a wire and caused the short. Always something when you are a home owner.

We just had a new Lowe's store open in what used to be Fort McClellan property about 5 miles from our home. DJ and I ran over to check into siding for our shed which I knew needed some repairs and kitchen flooring which I didn't know he was considering but would heartily approve. I am not sure what style of architecture they have at the Fort (Spanish hacienda-like) but this Lowe's is made to look like the rest of the buildings on post. Even a new building near there is similiar in feel. Maybe that was a requirement to build there but who knows? I believe they said that this was the first one with an different exterior. Anyway, I got some more walking in trooping all over the store with him.

There has been a stray dog hanging around the neighborhood for about two weeks now--probably dumped. I'm thinking part husky (blue eyes) and lab maybe, female. It seems the whole lane had been feeding her intermittently and in comparing notes, all but one household had called animal control. Well, now she has adopted us, more or less. DJ called animal control as well but we could not just let the poor thing starve or not get any water till they get out here. There are only two of them for the whole county and last time we had to call them it took like 3 days---we have passed that now. Sweet dog, good disposition, doesn't bark but has a bad skin condition. We just cannot keep her and pay out big bucks to get her treated. Pippi has been an expensive enough kitty this year to take on any more vet bills. The neighbors are not willing to take her either though one might if they didn't have 7 dogs and 2 cats already. We have a fenced back yard but no place to keep her when the weather gets too cold. It is just sad and irresponsible when someone abandons an animal like that. Looks like she (I call her Gigi for "Good Girl") will be here at least through the weekend anyway. At least Pippi doesn't seem too freaked out that the dog is hanging around either of the doors.

There is a quilt show up in Gadsden at Noccalula Falls so I'm headed up there tomorrow morning. I was going to run up today but DJ needed me to stay home in case they came for the dog as he was headed to the golf course--that changed but I decided I could wait. The quilts are going anywhere till tomorrow night, after all. I doubt that there is any water going over the Falls though with this drought. It is a little strange to see a water fall like this right smack dab in the middle of a residential area anyway. BUT I digress---Gary told me that he had 80 some quilts entered this year which is good. Normally he is begging for entries and is lucky to get 40 some and has to fill in with their donation quilts. Last year even some of the Belles were hung. I sure as heck don't have anything done to enter though he told me to get my round robin done so it can be hung with the group of them NEXT year. Yeah, right--first of all, I have to do something with that last row (ugh, brown poly and what is what those corners?) and I want it bigger plus have you ever met me?? My own stuff doesn't get done in a timely manner. I think only 5 of the 14 are done at this point so I am in good company. I should get some pictures for blog fodder anyway since I'm not being very productive and/or can't show what I am going to work on this next week.

But first the fall sew-in on Monday and Tuesday. Simple scrappy rail fence blocks for the group block or work on your own stuff. Have strip baskets, will travel.

Guess that's it for now-----hope you all have a good weekend in whatever you chose to do.


  1. When I was growing up, we lived in a place that folks liked to dump unwanted animals. We had some lovely pets through this process . . . it was just sad we couldn't keep them all.

  2. It is nice that you are working on the 4-patch posie since it is destined to stay. I ahve not yet finished my pumpkin version. I am still at the point where I ran out of orange fabric. It seems when the creative flow is disrupted, it is hard to get back there.

    It sounds like it is getting a little more like winter in your area--with the cooler temperatures. It is a good thing that you found out what was wrong with the thermostat before it gets really cold outside! You wouldn't want that thing coming on in that condition when you weren't home and starting a fire!

    It sounds like you have a quilty day planned today as you head out to the quilt show. Have fun!

  3. Hi Linda, so glad to hear the "offering" all came out of the annointed quilt..*VBS* Ebby has been have a case of 'that' also this past week...I upped her dose of the petramalt and hopefully that will do the trick. That plus giving her small helpings of the dry instead of all of it at once.
    Sounds like you've been really busy with smoking thermastats, etc,,,and quilty stuff too *VBS* I'm in a fall house cleaning mode just now, but sew in between. Looking forward to seeing your newest 4 patch posie quilt. Hugs, Finn

  4. Isn't that funny how they can always hit the special spot? Our little dog gets sick every blus moon, but when he does, he will get the sheets, the comforter, the quilt, the mattress...everything!! I am glad it all came out in the wash.

    It has been cold here too!


  5. Miss Pippi must be related to my two furballs LOL. They always manage to do "their cat thing" on the worst spots!!!

  6. Linda, is there a no- kill shelter you can contact? Atlanta has a lot of groups that take in specific types of dogs. Please try them before animal control gets there.


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