May 25, 2010

Meeting day

Quilt group meeting today----and it looks like Miss Jane has been very busy with binding! Because I have been very busy quilting (done for now on the donation stuff anyway----woohoo!) she went home with three more to finish up and Linda C got three of hers back as well. When it was time to pull out some handwork, Beverly and Lois were binding on two of their quilts so I should have more pics to share before long.

This one is one I made----I do love making 3-D bowties but this is the first one I made with something other than a muslin background. I would do it again and in fact, I may have to, LOL. I have way more of those 3 1/2 inch gold squares cut and more yardage on the roll the WTIL head sent me.

At right---Aline's Stack and Whack fans. Pattern source : Bethany Reynolds. When DJ was holding this one up, he told me that he really liked the wild colors. I totally forgot to pack my camera (again!) so he got roped into being quilt holder after he was done riding his exercise bike.

This little cutie was one that Linda C whipped up from other project leftovers. Looking at it you might think that she used that old favorite "Snuggle Up" from the Quiltmaker website but that was not the case. Easy, peasy for me to quilt with zoom lines.

And this last one, our dear departed friend and fellow Belle Theramae made most of these blocks. When she passed away, her family donated a good bit of her sewing things to the quilt group and these were among her fabrics, books and magazines. I made maybe 5 or 6 more to have enough for the block set and assembled it. A little poignant for me to work on this quilt, I will tell you.

It was a fabric kind of day today. One of Linda C's friends had done a bit of spring cleaning of her quilt supplies so she had fabrics and patterns for us to go through and "help yourself" Linda said Sonia's only stipulation was that they NOT come back to live at her house. What we didn't want was bound for the Salvation Army thrift store.

Also Kris the church secretary had brought some kid novelty fabrics that her friend in Mobile had passed along. Becky had recently passed along some fleece throws and whole cloth quilts that she had made with her nieces and nephews. (I mailed them on to WTIL headquarters)

Lastly, I passed out the next Belles challenge quilt fabrics. Cute Michael Miller "Romance" from some time back that had been donated to us by a WTIL list friend in KY. Should be fun, nice primary colors in it.

Well, I said I would pick up the pizza so best be off. I'll do WIP Weds post tomorrow---not that I am doing a whole lot, LOL.

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