May 26, 2010

WIP Weds, #21

A little of this and that going on around here---or about to, LOL. I finished up the slightly resized May block from Nancy Halvorsen's Calendar Quilts & Stitcheries and will be cutting some borders for it later today to get it up to flimsy and maybe spray basted if I have time. A little ladybug button will be attached and some running stitch applied to quilt it. I like the natural Moda Marble for the background better than the Kona cotton I used for the April quilt-let.

Next up:
I started this top on Saturday and didn't touch it since. I was stitching, dealing with paperwork on the home front and for the quilt group. I have also been adding recipes to my Mastercook 11 software from my mail lists and such intermittently.

Oh and last night I was re-arranging the quilting stuff in the "annex" since some fabric followed me home from the meeting yesterday. It all started with my dragging out all the personal tops on the far end shelf of the closet---all pinned and ready to quilt(6), one even mostly done. Some stuff got tossed because no way, no how am I ever going to deal with re-making those wonky tops. LOL, I can make my OWN wonky tops and not rescue someone else's castoffs if they are that bad and the fabric isn't even worth saving to re-purpose. Some of my unearthed fabric finds might work for Bridge Creek Blossom. Some I would like to pass on to Aline's granddaughter, a fledgling quilter. Space is finite.

If I get the borders on that little quilt-let as planned, I will lay out another row for TV viewing time. (Mom, point out to Dad who well the table insert fits the machine, will you? THX again to Dad!)

I don't know if you can see that pattern clipped to the basket very well plus it is turned the wrong direction. Try THIS for a better view of the sewing machine cover that I want to make for the Singer---the cat version, of course! But wait! See that cat wallhanging right next to it on the Cotton Ginny site? Looks just like Skyler! I got to get that pattern!

Lastly, I have been dealing with this stuff for the last couple hours When Sarah passed away, sewing the batting cut-aways together into something usable fell to me. She was so good to take that on for the group. Others are stalwarts at the pinning table but Sarah hated to see anything go to waste. I have one large long piece to sew on and it will accommodate that top above that I am supposed to be piecing. The top will finish about 52 x 68 while the batting is 48 wide and purchased in 60 yd (?) rolls.

I suspect but do not know for sure ( yet ) that the stuff in the bag is NOT the same type or weight of batting that we normally use. Linda C dropped it off in the closet from her projects at home so I have a feeling it is a "mixed bag" I'll see what is hiding in there in a bit. (ed. note: no such luck. The lightweight stuff on top made me hopeful. Counting the custom piece above and cutting a bit off the existing roll I sewed together 4 batts WTIL sized. There was even one large piece in there! That is all I got done after dealing with the batting till after 8 p.m.)

What I don't get done goes to tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after...........Thanks for stopping by!

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