May 12, 2010

WIP Weds, wk 19

First, some of the flowering things around our house

The honeysuckle is out in full force---and taking over this holly bush at the entrance to our lane. I love how it smells but it sure can stuff up my nose! There is some that grows, just as wildly, at the city park on the south and west ends where I walk my morning laps.

The climbing rose is in full glory while the white azalea is almost spent. I should have taken its picture last week.

I have seen some magnolias out in my travels but the people across the lane have one so we get to enjoy theirs from afar.

Then there are these bushes, whatever they are, LOL. They also have a scent though fainter than the honeysuckle. We have two of them in the backyard but it also seems to grow wild as I see it all along the places I routinely drive. The two bushes are huge and were originally planted in a planter area with a bird bath in the front yard. Obviously not a good choice for such a small area if they are going to grow up taller than the house! Does anyone know what it is? I don't think it is spirea but what do I know about these things?

Next to bloom, the Rose of Sharon bush and the crepe myrtles in another month or so.

SO where are the quilt pictures? I am in quilting mode so unless you want to see my room set up while I work there aren't going to be any till the binding is done. I got three of the donation quilts done in recent days and took them to the Belles meeting, binding one of them while I was there. Jane and Lois were up for the hand finishing detail so those are out of sight for the time being. The stack was down for a few hours anyway...........then three others took their place. We pinned the Rails in a Square that I showed in the last post. I had volunteered to do one of Lois' tops so that added the 2nd one. Some time back a friend had asked me to do a small top for pay and that was dropped off -- there is the 3rd addition. 7 to quilt and DJ's Strip Twist to hand finish the binding. I'll see how far I get this week and then I am back to piecing something---I have a couple options in that department, LOL.

You know where to find me...........


  1. your yard is looking pretty~my tulips and irises are starting to bloom. Hope the quilting is going good :)

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